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We have just started the process to receive carer Allowance recommended by our doctor. i don't know anything about it or even heard of it up until now. As our son has a severe speech delay he believes it is something we should apply for and he filled out all the paper work regarding it and i submitted it and now have received further forms to hand in. Question is it a long process to receive the payment? Are there many more forms to do? how many weeks did it take for others to receive the payment? and, i guess what is the amount that you receive-i don't see the point (for us) if it is going to be a big issues from week to week if its like 10-20 bucks if ya know what i mean. thanks for any help
You will receive $100 per fortnight. It can take up to 6wks for approval. You get a health care card for your child. You get back payed up to 52wks.
So I think it is worth the wait not just for the money but more so for the health care card as it takes a little of the stain to buy medication ect.
Yes, it is definately worth the effort. It is a lot of paper work at the start, and a bit of time spent at centrelink. We applied for it when my son was 15 months old. The payment was back dated to birth as my Dr wrote that his condition was present from birth, so we got $2000+ lump sum plus $100 per fortnight after that. Also you get a health care card which only applies to your child and that really helps with medicines. If you are eligble for the other carer payment (there is a difference between carer payment and carer allowance, one is income based) you will get a slightly higher payment and the health care card I think applies to your family, which means everyone benefits from it and it can help reduce electricity bills, car rego etc.

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yup i agree with thother girls our DS is on it as he has servier ADHD amonst other things included and we get it we also got back paid 52wks which was just under the $3000 mark and get 100 a fortnight aswell, it is a lota mucking arround but really help in the end and lets face it centerlink is just a big muck arround anyways lol gd luck!!!

i get it for two of my three kids cause ones got autisim and adhd and other problems and my dd2 got a few medcial problems they are very strict now to claim carers allowance its all changed i applyed the first time for dd2 on the base of speech problems it was rejected and i only got the health care etc you got a more chance of getting it if you get a pedi to fill the forms in good luck hun and yet us know how you go xoxoxo

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We have gotten the Carer's allowance since DD2 was born as the Social Worker at the Hospital gave us the paperwork straight away. It all went through very quickly, I got her Cardiologist to fill it out. Although after 6 months, they sent out another lot of paperwork to see if she was still eligible. It was a few pages worth of questions which they use to make an assessment on whether your child is "special" enough to still receive it but there is also a few questions at the beginning that if you answer yes to, you don't fill out the rest, you just automatically receive it. Since that lot, I haven't ever been sent anything else, we just keep getting the allowance and a new healthcare each year for her.

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