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Is there anyone here who's child was born with, or has developed Scoliosis?

My 16 month old has it, and isn't sitting yet due to this, and a couple of other problems. I just want to know what happened to help it? As I have done research on it, and know that if something isn't done soonish, it will progressively get worse and she will end up in a wheelchair sad
Hi, Im sorry to hear about your daughter. I don't know much about scoliosis, but my friends son has it. She has started up a website / fundraising foundation for kids with scoliosis. You can also contact her through that website, so I thought I'd tell you so you can talk to someone else who knows what you're going through.

The site is If you look at Nathan's story, thats my friend and she's the one who has set up the site.

I hope that might be able to help you a bit. Im sure it would help to know of other people in the same situation.

Best wishes for you & your daughter.

Leah smile
i have scoliosis (sorry spelling is so bad with that) ive had since i was 12. mine was pretty bad the dr wanted to put a rod in my back but mum said no so we wore a brace. ask ne q u need to and ill try and answer them. i dont have to see the dr again until i am 30 which isnt for another 4 yrs (help me find the money for that) as i see a top specialist in his field and i was very lucky to see him.

My DS has scoliosis. He has a few problems and his scoliosis is neurological. He has been going to scoli clinic for a while and he wears a brace for part of the day. His curves are 40 and 60 o.

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