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the difference between a CT scan and an MRI?

I tried google, but for some reason, it keeps saying that the page isn't available grrrrr.

SO could anyone shed some light for me?
THANKS smile]
A CT uses xrays to show cross-sectional images of the body. It is really good for showing bone and good for most organs (like brain, liver etc). An MRI uses magnetic pulses, also to show cross-sections. It is no good for bone but really good for soft tissues and organs. The MRI is the one that uses a tunnel - noisy and claustrophobic.

Is there a specific scan you need to have done?
Hi there. Thanks.

My DD got a CT scan done on her brain because they thought she had brain damage, but physio think she may need an MRI as they show more detail, and they think that she doesn't have brain damage but could be something neurological anyway.
The MRI is certainly better for brain imaging. The down-side is that it is noisy and takes quite a lot longer. Because your DD would need to stay still for the scan, she would almost certainly need to be sedated or anaethetised.

What does you specialist say?
Not sure yet, I have an appointment on the 11th of april with him, so I will definitly ask then. Thanks for your help smile]
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