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ADD & ADHD.... What are the signs????? Please read!! Lock Rss

Posted by: spunkyprincess
Sorry, i wasnt saying that you were after the payment smile] It was just a passing comment!!

Oh i understand.. i didnt take offence or anything i just wanted to clearly state that i wasnt after an extra payment smile

I also think add / adhd is WAY over diagnosed - i agree start with the diet, just remember that some foods affect people differently (DS1 cannot have twisties or bounces off the walls) I got the book "FED UP" was under $20 and it also outlines the various foods and preservatives, but honestly cut out as many preservatives as you can. Perfect examples are I was only buying preservative free bread from the bakery and DP decided that it was a waste of time driving the additional distance to the bakery that sells it and gave the boys normal bread and within an hour 2 of them were going crazy!!! Another time he thought he was doing the right thing and bought DSS an orange juice instead of soft drink and then they got on a train and DSS literally jumped the whole 50 minute trip, DP could not work it out but the juice was full of preservative 202 (nasty)
When you cut out you dont really notice the change but give it back and oh boy you notice instantly.

Leigha''s little men smile

L*BAD do you have the name of the author that wrote that?

Sue Dengate "Fed up" 282 is a nastie too, it sets of my 9 yr old. He was diagnosed with ADHD, but dosent, he has a Svere anxiety/deppressive disorder.
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ok here goes if your son does have it diet changes can help but wont fix the problem as add and adhd are a chemical imbalance in the brain!!!!!, he might have it and then be food sensitive aswell!!!

if he is just food sensitive then diet change will help dramaticlly!!!!, cutting out preservs and additive when your child does have add or adhd does help i think but it depends on the child!!!

my DS was different right from word go and i knew it but could find someone to help me till he went to school and they helped we now have padiertrian(sp) and a phycologist which are like part of the family!!! he is on meds as i dont like it it helps him concentrate at school and well we all need a gd education!!!

there are 6 different types of add or adhd and they reffer to it as the pooh bear gang

goole adhd and you will find it im sorry i read it ages ago and i know some of it but dont want to quote the wrong thing all the characters in pooh bear like pooh himself is a daydreamer and clumsy and a lil bit slow well thats one type etc its easier if you read it!!!

i reckonmend the sue dengate beook that 4th timemummy reckonmended as i had tried it myself but be warned the elimaination diet takes a while and is VERY restrictive on what foods the kids can have etc but it does help!!!

add is totally different to adhd aswell as the add'ers dont get hypo they more zone out in a daydreamers state etc but still get very angry etc!!! i wouldnt have thought it but my mates sis has it and the differences between her sis and my son are amazing!!!! and he has adhd!!!

well i hope this info has helped as i have been studdying this for a while now and tried a fair few things myself my suggestions is try diet first if it stops your sons behaviour then fi would say he doesnt have it , if it only helps then i would say look ferther into it, also routine is the key for these kids as then they know whats next and dont get all flustered with big feelings and cant control what there feeling , thats when the outbursts happen!!!, also alota postive reinforcements not to do with food like if you catch him behaving for just 5mins a lil postive well done ( im not impliying you dont already do this im just letting you know what we do!!) lol

well take care if you wanna chat feel free to pm me and theres an adhd thread in the familys with special kids aswell come in ther and have a chat!!! takecare babe !!!

Hi to all, I dont kno much about add adha, However my partner another sort of Hyproativity wen he was lil and at times he still has it now Annoying.. But my mother inlaw was telling me that everyone tried to tell her he had add adhd. so she went to sepcialist and seen counisilors etc etc. but nothink. and wen she went to meetings with other parents whos kids had add adhd she realised thats not what her son had. Umm it is too do with certain food colourings in Foods.. Yellow is Bad i kno that.

As i have to watch wat i feed my Daughter.. especially sugars i notice if she has them it mite not be that day it could be couple days later she Reacts. My partner Gets it if he drinks Coke. or Fruit loops. But just ask a food specialist or your local doctor if you cant find anythink out.. i can get the info for you. just let me kno Thankx. let me kno what happens n Goodluck.
ooops i forgot to add lol that to get diagnosed you go thru a series of paper work multipule choice and if there at school the teachers have some to but i did this and said is that it ??? they said yup so i demanded an allergy testing just incase !!! they tally up and get a phyc to look over your child ask em questions and get them to play games with imagination and watch em etc its a bit of a prosses but if your child does have it then they reffer you to to a specilalist place etc!!!

sorry forgot all bout it hehehehe anyways gd luck!!!

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