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Are you seeing a peadiatric neuro?
To start with they will want your history, everything from when you fell pregnant and if it was planned until now, so as you know there will be lots to tell the specialist.
Then he/she will give bub a check over, see how she is growing and developing, so take her baby book in case there is something you have forgotten.
After that the specialist might order some tests(like hearing/ blood tests) or want you to see some one else like physio. That will depend on what they think is wrong.
After all that you might just get told to come back next year or you might get told that there is something wrong.

Good luck
Hi there smile

I know what electric shock thing you are talking about. It gets the muscle working a little bit more with the shocks. I see a myotherapist, and he told me about these mahcines for Tash. I will take her to see him after her Ped appointment next friday. Apparently it's meant to be really good for muscles in babies with muscle problems, and even adults that have had bad injuries. If you want any info let me know and I will ask him about it smile]

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