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Anyone else got Oprah on? It's about Autism.

It's very scary to see that there were healthy 2yr olds talking and developing normally and then all of a sudden going backwards.

I always thought if a child had autism it was with them from birth and showed up through them not developing at the right rate.

it is scary. The parents really had no idea, and from watching one of the videos with his baby brother he really did seem like a normal 2 year old.
He was talking more than Judd talks!

Which is scary to think that 'it could' still all go pear shaped.

Surely there would've had to be other signs earlier on?

maybe there were other signs. I saw an episode of oprah a few weeks back with jenny mccarthy. Her little boy is autistic and she didn't become aware of it until he was 2. But she said looking back there were heaps of signs, she just chose not to notice them. You always look for the 'good' in your children. She put his autistic behaviour down to quirky pertsonality traits.
Hi girls, My son has asperges, which is high functioning autism, it is a scary thing and as a parent u feel a little helpless and I personally feel responisable. I found that my son was like these kids when he was a baby, walking talking but then u notice a change. My son is 11 and has only been diaognosed 2 months ago. Althou my son can talk he is failing in alot of things kids his age r doing. His reading and writing and maths are at a grade 1 level, he is in grade 6.
Im sorry for babbling on but seeing this show makes me a little sad. I dont have many ppl i can talk to about my son, so anyway thanx for reading.
Aw Robyn so sorry I didn't mean to upset you at all. Please feel free to talk about it as much as you'd like. I really am in the dark about it all, but would love to know more if you ever want to share. It must be a very hard thing to go through.

rainbow mum, why do you feel responsible? do you look back and think, oh that was a sign and i missed it? Sorry, but i don't know much about it at all. I always thought they couldn't show affection like kisses or cuddles - is this true for you?
oh u havent upset me, i just have been feeling all alone with my son until i started watching oprah today. Its just really tuff, im a single mum and not many ppl understand these kids, my son gets bullied everyday at school and no matter how much i approach the school it doesnt help. U just feel really helpless some days, oh and I sometimes get so frustrated with him cos i have to tell him the same thing over and over, ( like dont pick ur sister up) That fraze is said up to 10 times a day. Dont get me wrong, i love my son dearly but its hard and theres nothing i can do to make life easier for him.
Sounds like a very difficult situation. Do you get any support at all from either friends, family or government agencies?

As he has only just been diagnosed we r still in that process. I have my mum and my sister and a very dear friend for support, i often go to mums and just cry, I get assistance from centrelink for him but that money is gone as soon as i get it to pay for doctors and specialist. Its taken yrs for a doctor to listen to me, for yrs i was told hes just different, theres nothing wrong with him, But many letters from the school has finally got a doctor to listen. He still wears nappies to bed, i have to help him dress and wash himself. I try not to take him shopping as he can be very loud and he also wonders off alot, so a typical shopping trip is often spent looking for him, lol.
Now that you've got the diagnosis what's expected to happen? Does any amount of intense education/tutoring help? Or will the level he's at now be as far as he goes? Sorry for all the questions, you can tell me to shut up whenever you want ok?

My DS#2 has Autism. we didnt get a diagnosis until he was nearly 4. We didnt realise anything was wrong until he was nearly 3. his speech was always delayed but his brother was the same and 1 day his brother just clicked and was talking properly this never happened with Zac.

The thing with Zac is he make eye contact it is very fleeting but he does do it.

I too blame myself When you go for your first assesment the questions are asked about the pregnancy were you sick what was the birth like was it traumatic. Did I do some thing wrong some where to make my beautiful little boy like this......

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