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I agree. Watching this show I found myself in tears for the families. R I too thought autism was something kids were 'born with'. I find it scary to see normally developing 2yr olds who talked, then all of a sudden they switched off?

Robyn and Belle I wish you all the luck with your kiddies. Watching this show definitely gave me a new appreciation for the daily struggles families with an autistic child go through.

My friend has a teenage daughter with Aspergers. She said in her daughter's case she knew early on something wasn't right. As a baby she used to sit and rock all day, amongst other things. It wasn't until her daughter was in grade 2 or 3 that she was finally able to get a doctor to listen to her concerns and she was diagnosed with autism.

Thank you

The 1 thing that I ask of people is please dont judge a parent who is at the shops with an older child who looks like they are having a tantrum.

My dear Zac is 4 and sometimes when we go to the shops he will have what is called a meltdown. He will look like he is having a major tantrum but it is his way of trying to gain control of a situation he is not comfortable with. To some autism children being at the shops is like haveing 30 different people yelling in his ears ( he is very sensory with his hearing ) and the fluros in the shops can sometimes appear like people flashing torches on and off in their face. Now if this was happening to you, you would want to scream yell and want to go home as well.

I know from personal experiance even parents with children can be very judgmental "look at that naughty boy who's Mum doesnt disapline him."

I have only had 1 person stop and offer me help and she was lovely this kind lady helped me by pushing my trolly back to my car while I carried my son who was thrashing about trying to bite and scratch me because I was holding him and because I had taken him into that situation he couldn't handle.
Posted by: belle2boys1girl
The 1 thing that I ask of people is please dont judge a parent who is at the shops with an older child who looks like they are having a tantrum.

That must be awful for you. I know how horrible it is when you get the looks for a 2yr old throwing a tantrum - and surely people realise that's normal. So I can only imagine how many rude people give you 'the look'.

My friends foster brother has aspergers as well as fetal alcohol syndrome. He's now in his mid teens and doing really well in a private high school, and playing sports, shes so proud of him. I do know he has difficulty comprehending emotions and has a tendency to 'fixate' on certain objects ie cars.

I also used to look after a very severly austistic boy who was left by his parents as a ward of the state, very sad but they couldn't handle him. I'm pleased to say a lovely couple adopted him at 11 years old and have been able to give him all the opportunities they can and a much better quality of life. smile]

To any parents out there with a child with these disabilities, you are wonderful strong people, even though I know it doesn't always feel like it

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

My niece displays many Esperges(sp) signs (milder form of Autism) - she has never been tested however as I think my sis is a little worried about a true diagnosis.
She is 9 now but started to really show signs when she was around the 12-17mth mark. However she always was a little "different".
Even with all her little quirks she is the most beautiful kid and is so adorable. It is a shame that she can't show emotion or love but she is happy and healthy and really thats all you can hope for.
oh Belle - I can completely relate to what you just said. This is my niece down to every word, she's 9. It is totally embarrassing when they throw themselves on the floor or scream or just do their "odd" little things and everyone stares at you. Its not their or your fault - its just them. Last week my sister took her to a market and she all of a sudden stopped in the middle of one of the isles, shaking and screaming "no no no". Can you imagine what people thought was happening to her!! Poor kid she really struggles with being in crowded areas but my sister is fantastic with her and so is her elder sister (only by 17mths) who takes control and helps out all the time.
I agree with you, if you have the guts too next time you see a mum with a child having a melt down in a shopping centre either don't stare or else offer some help.
Oh Bell, i feel for u, althou my son isnt that bad, Like u said thou its hard when ppl think u have an out of control kid. I just stare back at ppl now lol
Just thought I would add that the Opra show is oldish, it is a repeat that I watched about 6 months ago (normal free to air channel 10). So I don't know when it was first aired in the US, but it could be over 2 years old!

There has been more research done into the link between autism and immunizations with no conclusive results.

My niece has also been diagnosed with aspergers, she stared school a year later than others but is doing really well (prep).

Rainbow Mum: Things do get better, just take it one day at a time. Its sad that it took so long for someone to listen to you but I am sure you are doing a great job with him!

Hi Ladies,
i watched it yesterday & its an old episode & a repeat as said before, but it was interesting to watch it again. My ds has just had his 12 month injections and i wasn't worried about getting them, as i have been looking for all the signs previously and he has none of them.

I worked at a special school for 5 years & i loved those kids & still miss them to this day. I left there 7 years ago, 1 of my favourite kids who brought me yellow flowers every day (yellow flowers are my favourite) & would sit at my desk & chat for 30 mintues - which for these kids was huge. On his birthday he made everyone wait until i got to work that day before they could have cake - he was truly an angel & made my day at work a delight. Well he got really sick and passed away, it broke my heart & work became torture, so i left.

My youngest nephew has aspergers, he was diagnosed at kindy. My brother & sil have spent alot of time & effort helping him. They got a speech therapist, special assistance, looked around for a good school (public - that has special kids). He goes into high school next year (which has been a major concern for the family) as a supportive school is what is needed any bullying and all the hard work will be undone. My Nephew is top of his class & writes programs for computers. 3 years ago he was our (dh & my) ring bearer for our wedding, he was fantastic & had us all standing in the right spots. Unless you knew him you would have no idea, you might just think him a little strange in some of his behaviour. We are all very proud of him & are very protective. Last year he asked my Sil why he was different to the other kids & why he did some of things he does. She told him, he wanted to then know who knew he had aspergers, she told him all the family knew & he said and they love me just as i am. My sil burst into tears and said the family all love and adore you. So he is aware of what he has & that family and friends love him no matter what. I admire him so much, he's taught all of us alot about life.

Well i've rambled enough & made myself cry.
Have a great day ladies & enjoy your children.

Hi everyone,
Not really sure what I am going to write. My eldest son has Asperger's
Syndrome. He is nearly 18 and was only properly diagnosed when he was
9. However,we had been to HEAPS of Specialists before he was properly diagnosed- since the age of three.Life is very tough when you have a child with this condition. As the Mum you feel very isolated.For a long time you question whether you did anything wrong to cause all the problems. Every day, without exception, is challenging. However, I try to focus on the good things like the fact that DS has a job and gets to and from work on his own, on the bus.The negative and challenging things for us( and these things are certainly not typical of all Asperger's kids) include the constant lying,the CONSTANT verbal abuse and the general weird things- too many to even mention.There are weeks on end when I cry every day and I feel generally defeated. Usual parenting methods often don't bring results. Kids with AS are different so they need to be parented differently. I often say to people "twice the effort for only half the reward"
To all the Mums who are bringing up a child with AS- you are not alone. You are doing a great job and it is not your fault.
Feel free to pm me if anyone wants to.
Take care.
hi girls
my son has a form of autism he developed like any normal child and it wasn't picked up til he went to school i cried the first time his teachers descussed it with me he is now 13 and attents a special class at high school it is alot harder raising a child with a dissability the hardest thing i find is the behaviour side of it it is hard taking him to places and having people stare and think gee look at that child and it's fustrating
I have a very close friend who has a nearly 5 year old DS who is currently going through the process of being diagnosed with what seems to be asbergers.
Although he isn't slow at all. He is able to read very well. He reads words that some adults might have trouble with. He reads Enid Blyton books.
He like some others have been described doesn't cope very well in some situations. If he snaps, there is not much that can be done about it besides to carry him out while he is kicking and screaming. These situations usually occur under circimstances which he might be nervous about. Loud noises etc.
It is interesting to read how different each case of autism/asbergers is.

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