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Do any of you girls know of a good online support group or forum that my girlfriend could look at??

I am a member of this msn group they are fantastic will answer any question you have and will give you advice when you ask for it
thanks for the link my ds 5 years old has autism and adhd and few other problems

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

I give my hat off to the mum's who care for Autistic child, and I do see what you are going through. My SIL does have a Autsitic son who is 7 years old and was diganosed about 3 years ago (FINALLY!) He has a mild case but is not in the High Functioning category but is highly intellgient!

My young newphew showed signs there such as lack of speech, rocking and major tantrums in big crowds. It has taken years of speech therapy, social interaction with our big family, and a alot of love and patience to what he had achieved today. True he wont thrive highly on certain subjects at school, but he is a lot better now than he was at 2 years old.

He is such a sweetie, lovessss babies and is highly entertained by them which is great cos there has been a few new additions to teh big family and is stocked to have another "boy cousin" as he puts it to play with. But with that he can be a very cheeky boy who will still push boundries, and he knows who he can push them with and get away with it.

But in regarding the signs after the 12mth injections, what are they? My son is only 6 mths and it would be nice to be warned about the signs.

It has been very interesting to read this post. I wish all the parents with children who have these 'problems' all the best, it must be incredibly difficult. I don't personally know anyone who deals with this and I would like to know, what could I do to help if I saw you in the street having 'problems?' What sort of support would you guys like from other parents? I watched this show and I look at my two little girs (1 and 2yrs) and hope we don't encounter health issues but it could happen to anyone...... So scary. I think families who deal with this are amazing and it reminds me not to sweat the small stuff, cos it really is small in comparison. Lets hope that the medical world come up with some answers and that the public become better educated to help you guys out!
Oh I know it's a scary ride through it all, I've got a 15 year old son who is in a education support unit within a normal high school here in Western Australia. We still have not been told what his disability is he has the IQ of an 7 to 8 year old and can not read past a year 2-3 level same with maths. But he's one great kid who tries his hardest at every thing he does. His speech was delayed with many ear infections ect and a few other things happened along the way. I some times blame my self because of the bleeding I had when I was pregnant, that I smoked during my pregnancy but then again I would not change him for any other kid in the world. I love all 3 of my children no matter what they do. I've been a single mum with my son and know that he's one of the best things that has happened in my life. I could go out and get him tested again to try and get a name for what he's got but what's in a name, As long as you love your child and try as hard as possible to keep them on the straight and narrow in life that's all that really matters. I've always got good comments back from teachers and people in the general public about his manners.

(hugs) to you all


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I am a mother of an autistic son but he is only very borderline.He was diagnosed at 22 months a month after he started daycare and received early intervention, teacher aide and speech therapy.As a baby he was a completely very content who would smiled, giggled, babbled and looked at you it wasn't until after his 15 month jabs that he wasn't progressing like he should be.I thought he will be a late talker just like me as I didn't start talking to I was about 2.After he started walking at 16 months his whole attitude suddenly changed he would screamed and head butt which from what I read that most toddlers do it out of frustration we visited our GP a few times and put it down to seeking our attention as months went by things didn't change so in Feb 2005 after being refered by paediatrician he diagnosed him is having autism.

From being at daycare for 3 years he has coming along in leaps and bounds and is not the same kid as he was back when he was first diagnosed he is not in his own little world, he is doesn't line toys up to the same degree, doesn't head butt things and the only does he does scream is usually when he is excited he now plays with children than along the side of them.He is 75% toilet trained so hopefully as he gets older he will independently take himself to the toilet.Shopping is still hard he would happily walk around the mall and doesn't care about the loud noise but standing at the counter he will wandered out of my sight.He can say Dad(Dadda), Bye, Gone, Again, Cheese, Up, Down, That One, That Way I am sure there is a few but can't think of any.He is just learning to count and can say 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 the other numbers are just mimmick sounds.He can write and recognise his own name, as well as Mummy, Daddy, Nana and Grandad and has been doing this for about 8 month. Only since last christmas he has just to learnt to write numbers from 1-20.

We have looked at special needs school and they were all worse than Jacob, and being the copycat that he is he would copy their behaviour and we don't want him to pick up on it.Where we live there is a school that is only 2 years old so we have decided to send him to a mainstream as we want him in a class where kids are talking plus he has just been accepted for the high level of ORRS funding which he will be get a teacher aide etc.

I find as a mother of special needs child that I am not a strong person as I do cry about the future my boy will have.We are expecting #2 in Oct and we are scared ****less of the next one having the same problem or more severe but we also happy at the same time to give our son a sibling.

Sorry for the long novel
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DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008


I would like to know, what could I do to help if I saw you in the street having 'problems?' What sort of support would you guys like from other parents?

Kienna what you or anyone could do to help is if we are out shopping with a trolly full of groceries and our child is having a melt down ask us if we need help with getting the trolly to the car.

Or if we have other children with us ask us is there anything you can do to help.

I had a fantastic Mum at kindy yesterday ask me if I needed help with Zac he was having a meltdown because he didnt want to leave Kindy. This lady was the only one out of 30 parents that were standing there who offered help. She quite happily carried my DD to the car for me and also carried Zacs kindy bag while I carried him.

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I'm not work unfortunately =(

My nephew who has just turned 4 was diagnosed with aspberger's a few months ago and we were so shocked as he has always been really clever and chatty, and probably more advanced than any of his cousins. I think you can have it from birth or develop it.
Isn't there some belief that vaccinations can cause autism? I thought Jenny McCarthy believed her son's chickenpox vaccination caused his autism?

It's all scary isn't it...

My son used to bang his head against floors or walls. He used to sniff everything when we went out shopping. He would woof when he spoke and jerk his head. He used to flap his hands all the time, and would have major meltdown if he didn't get his nightly glass of milk. He always had a problem with getting dirty. He day and night toilet trained himself fully before he was 2 1/2 cause he hated dirty or wet nappies. From the time he started kinder I've been told there was something wrong with him. I went to lots of different doctors and specialists and couldn't get an answer of what was wrong. Then when he was 11 he was diagnosed with tourettes, leaning difficulties, and a mild intellectual disabilaty.
I have since wondere if he has aspergers. So much of what I read about early signs of autism is him all over. He was constantly bullied at school for being "different" and has never felt accepted. It has been so tough for him. Sorry. Reading every ones stories has just made it all come up again. Does he have it, doesn't he? Will I ever know? He is 19 , nearly 20, and he moved out of home in Jan. It was hard letting go.


Hi girls
Listening to your stories makes my sad but I also feel such courage coming thru. I wish you all the best and what you are doing is educating the rest of us. Thanks for sharing.
Hi ladies.
My son is just under 2 years old and has been diagnosed with Autism. We knew that something was different with AJ as he was not talking, could stare at a wall for hours on end, rocked and spun himself and wheels forever. I took him to his 18 month check up and while the doctor wasn't completely concerned I asked to be refered to the pead. From there he beacme concerned with my sons speech, and we then went to the childrens hospital for testing.

He started his speech therapy on Wed, but have been ginven the probable diagnosis that he will only have very basic speech and comunication will be hard to say the least. We now have to look at him having a comunication book and look into other forms of help available for him. He goes back to the childrens hosptial for a checkup atthe end of the year so they can assess his progress from there.

He goes to a daycare where he is now recieving independent help, and the older children have been informed that my son is a litte different to them but he won't hurt them. He is so sweet and you wouldn't know by looking at him that he has any problems.
Most people think of autsistic children or adults behave like the man from "Rain Man" or that they have mental retardation (sorry spelling and if I upset anyone) but this is something like 50-74% of cases.

One thing that I think is best for helping parents in the streets whose children are having meltdowns is not to think of them as bad people, but to realise that the child is frightened by the stimulas that is around them. I know my son can't be out shoping at busy nights and crowded shops as he gets over excited and has a major meltdown.

I have had people literally turn around and accuse me of abusing my son, one even went as far to start calling child services, until i myself broke down and told them that my son is autistic. It is really hard to have a child with the severatity of autism like my son. Helping out with claming down the child or mother is great and you can only imagine how thankful the parents are for the tinest bit of hlp that is given to them.

Having a really supportive family network is soo great and I don't think I would be able to deal with everything that has come to in such a short time. My daughter knows that he is very different to her as she is what is called "gifted" but she also feels the negative affects that are associated with her little borthers problem. She is more loving and helpful for him than anyone can imagine. The most sweetest thing that she ahs said is that she now wants to be a teacher for little kids like her brother as she thinks that they need the most help.

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