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That is great news, It is so nice to see them kicking around.

Declan is now 19mths. he has some lace up shoes and bar for his sleep times. I would like to start him on a bed but until he learns that he can only crawl with his shoes on he will fall over when he gets out of bed.
At his last visit to the physio she said that he will have to wear them until he was 4yrs old. I am not looking forward to those years.

Im glad things are going will for his feet.


Thats what our physio said 4yrs is like a max tho depending on how the feet are

Forever in our hearts....

Hi just a quick reply have another doctors appoinment in december, to see how his lil feet are going, they look so good at the moment its so hard to believe there is something wrong lol.

He has started to walk around in his walker so we will find out how his feet go with pressure on them.

Were are you located again?

Forever in our hearts....

That is good news about his feet.

We are in adelaide. Declans foot is doing well, he has 3 monthly visits to the physio to have it checked but they are very happy with it. He can run, jump and kick balls like all the other kids you wouldn't know anything was different.

he is now nearly 2.5yrs old and starting to get vocal about the shoes going on at sleep time but hey its dr's orders until he is 4yrs. He does still have small feet which makes buying appropriate shoes (hard wearing)for his age quite difficult.

Glad to hear things are going well.


Hi All,

My son was born with Clubfeet/ Talipes. He started his treatment at 1 month old and has had it all from, plasters to operations boots everything that goes on with a clubfoot baby. He is now 13 months old and his feet normal but as when he was born they don't look like the same feet anymore. Just wondering where everyone else get's their treatment done at??

There is a website/forum for clubfeet babies/kids if you don't alreadly know about it, it is;
the website is fantastic alot of parents with cf babies have joined and everyone on there helps each other out with everything and shares their stories with one and another so we know we aint doing it alone.

Any questions etc. iam more than happy to answer and help out.

I have a photo on the site when Brock was born it shows how bad his feet were. My user name is sherin.brian.brock and it is in the introduce yourself part. Its free to join aswell.

Hope this helps...


BrocksMummy smile
Our first little boy is now 4 months old. He was born with bilateral club feet. He is being treated with the Ponseti Method, & has been in casts since 5 days old. He had a heel chord lengthening 2 weeks ago and we hope to be out of casts and in braces in the next week or 2.

I just wanted to invite any of you who are worried or have questions for another parent to use us as a resource. We unintentionally attracted a bit of a crowd with our family online scrapbook. People started finding our site and asking us questions, so we started to focus more on James' club feet through our website. You can see us at

hi there we have just found out our 8 month old has this we asked hospital doctors if something was up with the feet but they said no lots of babies look like that and come right so now all this time later someone took the time to actual look and agreed with what we thought from birth i have read it needs to be sorted quick while very young we are still waiting on a specialist appointment we see most people get it sorted in first few weeks since our baby is so old we are wondering if this will effect walking being in cast etc now instead of earlier our baby already stands has crawled since 5 months and walks around furniture we dont want our babies development in walking affected by this late ignored diagnosis has anyone had a child this age or older have treatment and did it affect them?
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