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We are waiting to hear back from the doc as to whether or not our 9 mth old needs an MRI looking for bleeds to the brain, etc, for cerable palsy. He has extreamly stiff legs. I did ask the doc what other signs there were to look for and he was hesitent to reply as "you'll see them". Tjough am interested to hear from other parents who have been in a similar position.
:0) thanks.
sorry don't know anything, going for scans on brains is scarey stuff though have done that before with my lovely daughter, i feel for you and your family, but docs know what they are doing....
thanks subzero, Im kinda freaking out a bit. We had an amnio-centicis (?spelling) when pregies, so I kinda thought that we were in the clear, though this kind of stuff obviously isn't genetic.
I used to work in the brain injury sector in my previous life although I don't know much about diagnosing it. Muscle stiffness is one sign, motor skills, speech delays are common signs and I believe 6-9 months old is a common age for cerebral palsy to be picked up.

Did you have a traumatic birth?

Fingers crossed for you and your little boy. I can only imagine what you're going through right now.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

I should also add - there is most likely a cerebral palsy foundation or association in your state that would have information/fact sheets on their website in easy to read language.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

MY dd has mild cp and was diagnosed at 20 months but it was obvious something was up when she started pulling up on tables 'wrong' and didn't progress to walking. As an under 1 she sat different to other babies and rolled and crawled a little late. All the best
My DS was diagnosed with CP at around 13 months. I knew from about 4 months there was something wrong, mothers intuition?
Stiffness is the main factor with chrildren who have CP, also developmental delay, speech delayed etc. There are so many different types and severities of CP that it is hard to say. It can be very hard for the doctors to pick it up sometimes.
My son is now 6.5 years and he can still not walk or really talk, can not feed himself with a spoon, he is totally dependable on me. But he is progressing and the milestones he does make are that more amazing and special because they mean the world!
I hope you get some answers, or have had some answers. It is not easy being told that your child isn't what you expected, but it does get easier and you won't love them any less. The best of luck, Tracy xx
Hello, our daughter has also just been diagnosed with a mild form of CP. She is nearly 6 months old but was born 2 months prem by emergency c section due to my PET. We cannot recall any event where an hypoxic assault could have occurred on her brain. She has stiffness in her back and her legs, but only when we stand her up. Her left arm also pronates quite badly when she is lying on her back - that is the only reason we picked it up! She has reached all her milestones, rolled at 5 months (3 months corrected) so to get this diagnosis has been such a shock to us. We would be so grateful to hear any info/ experiences other parents of children with mild CP have had as any info we read on the internet seems to relate to severe CP!
Hi! I can probably give some advice from another point of view. I was born with a mild case of CP in one side of my body. When i tell people they are shocked and never would have guessed. I grew up having physio 3 times a week for strength and balance. Swimming and piano playing helped alot as they encourage a range of muscles to be used at once and help with co ordination too. When i was younger i did limp in my walking and raise my arm up abit but now only if I am sleepy. I have actually read now that botox can be used now to make CP raised arms drop!!!Maybe I could use that as an excuse (lol!)for botox! Although i am not sure how accurate this is!Hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Hi ejane, thank you so much for your reply! So reassuring to hear that you live a normal life & most people don't even realise you have CP.We can only hope the same for our daughter! My husband & I have pretty much been living in limbo these last few days - our paed specialist pretty much said "yep Cerebral Palsy on the mild end of the spectrum... You'll see a physio in about a month, and I'll see ya in 3 months!". So while our girl is only 5 months we just want to do everything we can to help minimise the long term effects. Swimming & piano is such a good idea for when she is older, I would like to take her swimming now (she loves to kick & splash in the bath). I think we are still in denial about her diagnosis - although her left arm is quite stiff, only when she is lying down with her head turned to the left, and she still reaches our for toys, grabs toys/faces/clothing with both arms, kicks at the same time with both legs, sucks both her thumbs - all things that we have been told babies with CP can't do! Yet the stiffness in her arm is definitely not normal..
I'm glad i could help Polly_Genet. I have had a very "normal" life. I have done things anyone has or could do - school, uni (even masters degree), have a professional job, travelled the world and now have a gorgeous family. The only implications I now have as an adult are that I am HOPELESS at walking in high heels (as balance is still an issue) and when I needed an epidural when having my babies my doc called in a specialist to give it to me (as my spine is curved). I have noticed that the fitter I am the less obvious my CP is (I now go to a gym and my trainer plans my exercises to help my situation and "even out" the strength in both sides of my body). One thing that you could do at this stage is become very aware of your health insurance and what you are covered for. I have found that the policies differ greatly from each other and some can assist you greatly with costs later down the track. Hope that helps. I am sorry you have found little support so far for your situation - it might be worth while changing specialists. You will find great support at the hospitals (for Physio)and from other mums in similar situations.
Im a foster parent of a child with cp he is a wonderful teenager with high needs,ive known him for 9 years and he has been with me for 4 years,there is support out there when you need it.c p association are good and so is crippled children society,when your ready ask for help.Ive found it hard but rewarding especially as a single mum,he has shown me a lot and im a better person for it.
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