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Aspergers and ADHD Lock Rss

Hi all, my son almost 5 has pretty much been diagnosed with both and he's going to be starting school next year. He had his first school visit today with wasn't good. He did n't want to be there, tried to walk out of the classroom, didn't want to do what all the other children were doing. My questions are what have your experiences been like? Did they settle in after a while? What help did they get a school? I'm in NZ buy the way.
There is often support available for kids with learning disabilities etc like this. At my brothers school there is a support worker/teacher aide for the boy in his year with aspergers. This is quite often the case. You should contact the school and speak to them about your concerns and ask what's available for him. If there's nothing, maybe you could call other schools and see who has the most support available.

Hope that helps.

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