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My 3 year old has Global Developmental Delay. We're looking at genetic disorders but have no diagnosis yet. Our neuro developmental therapist has suggested the use of weighted/pressure vests and blankets to assist with calming, sleeping and learning about the body's position in space (balance and co-ordination). Does anyone have any experience with these? There are so many products, I'm not sure what would be best to start with smile
My DS (6) has a weighted lap bag that he uses at school to help him to sit still and concentrate during table-top tasks. I have a number of friends whose children use weighted blankets to sleep. I convinced a friend of mine to go into business selling them smile She is a qualified OT.

Does your child have an OT, or does the neuro-develpomental therapist fulfil this role? An OT would be the right person to explain to you the benefits of weighted products for your child. Can you obtain any samples of weighted products on loan? They are quite expensive; the last thing you want is to buy one and then find your little one won't tolerate it sad

I'm not sure how much you already know, so in a nutshell, weighted products are excellent for providing deep pressure. Vests are more portable, but you do need to watch the amount of time the child wears it. Lap bags are convenient because they are easy on-easy off. My DS manages his himself. Blankets provide for full body deep pressure, which can be very calming to a child with a sensory disregulation. As you noted, they can also assist with proprioception.

In my experience, DS does not need his lap bag as often now provided his environment is reasonably calm and quiet. My friends report a tremendous improvement in their children settling to sleep (but not necessarily staying asleep sad ).

If you are interested, I can give you a link to my friend's facebook page and she will be happy to answer your questions. No pressure to buy from her - she's in Australia anyway - she is just happy to help parents in your situation.
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