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My 3 year old daughter has autism spectrum disorder and a global developmental delay. She has some serious sensory issues (scared of fluff, doesn't feel pain, needs heavy blankets, scared of water etc) and also has speech problems. We recently got our funding from Autism Spectrum Australia but I was wondering if any other Mums who may have kids like my little girl would like to contact me? I really feel we are alone with this and it sucks to see my friends kids who are 1-2 years younger and are developing faster than my poor little girl...
Hi Tori

My DS1 has an ASD. It gets better smile but it does help to have friends with kids on the spectrum, just to normalise your experience. It is very difficult to see your friends' neurotypical kids developing faster sad - been there, done that. But your DD has awesome skills all of her own smile Once again, a network of parents of kids on the spectrum or with developmental disabilities helps. They can see and appreciate the gains your child makes, where parents of typical kids may not see the significance.

Is your DD attending early intervention? Have you tried a Play Connect playgroup? I did My Time which was a lifeline for me. I made some really good friends with kids with ASDs. They know the challenges and the triumphs. I don't have to put on a brave face if I'm having a bad day.

Happy to chat with you further smile
My girl is on the waiting list for early intervention but we're not sure how long it will take before we get a response. I have one friend whose son is on the spectrum but she moved to Melbourne sad Play connect? Is this a play group or early intervention program??
Play Connect is a playgroup, but run specifically for kids with ASD or ASD like conditions and their siblings. It has a trained facilitator. I never did it, just because my DS was already attending early intervention by the time I heard of it, and then the My Time program became available. Contact the Playgroup Association in your state and they should be able to help smile

Waiting lists for EI suck!! I felt so bad waiting for DS to get a place, like the window was closing while I did nothing sad We were lucky though, and didn't have to wait too long.
I'm in Newcastle smile It's so good to hear that there are other people out there!! Obviously you know that there are but when you live in your little bubble and you don't see many other people whose kids are alike it makes you feel alone!! Xanthie has been on EI wait list for about a month now.. I really hope she gets in soon... they said it might take till August. We got our funding last month as well and now we have a speech therapist already but need to shop around for a psychologist and OT.
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