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Finally my ds has his diagnosis! Lock Rss

I'm glad you have the answers now you'll be able to better help your boy. My dd1 also has aspergers and as a 9 yr old is doing so well. Her speach is still not the best but she is a remarkable young lady smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

I am happy that you finally know what's going on. Nothing is more hurtful in mothers than not knowing. smile
Getting a good doctor & looking into natural health alternatives can make a world of difference..
Thats great you have finally got some answers. smile

You have to be a strong parent to deal with this kind of thing. I'm on a similar story, writing about it actually, if you'd like to read smile my fb is

its my page for my personal blog smile should link you to it.
Glad you got a dignosis, It's not easy!
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