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Well ADHD is neurological, it would mean that his brain is different. It isn't anything to do with your parenting.

If he is really trying to sit still on the mat but just can't, then that is pretty much exactly what ADHD is. It's an inability to stop, no matter how great your will. Heaps of kids have hyperactivity, some have SPD, some have poor diet, some have poor sleep, some are just bored. But the difference with your son, is that he is actually trying to sit still and still can't. That means that there is something that is not within his control, that is preventing him from participating fully in his normal life. Him trying to control it is a really great thing, it must be so hard for him though. The next step would be for him to channel the energy into something else. If he always has something to do, he will probably be okay. Do you notice that at home?

Ritalin would be effective at allowing him to calm down, if he does have ADHD. However, there are other ways and maybe it would be better for his confidence if he could learn to cope on his own, since he obviously wants to.

What you said about being more active allowing him to cope better also points to ADHD.

That's pretty terrible that he gets his name on the board, can't they see how hard he is trying? If you tell his teacher to try and always keep him busy, and maybe not force him to sit on the mat, then you'd probably see a huge change in how he copes at school. Maybe he could sit at his desk and draw while he listens to the mat stuff? You could even give him a stress ball or something, so he can keep himself doing something in times when he is supposed to be sitting still. If the teacher complains about "special treatment" or something; he has a right to have his needs met. Mat time must be pretty boring if he can't keep still.
first of all I will say that you are a wonderful mother for trying so hard to help your son

second adhd is so over diagnosed it's not funny. it seems that it is an easy fix for some doctors and parents because then there is an answer, a reason for there behaviour. you know, some kids are just full of beans, jittery, fidgety. to diagnose adnh is an extensive process and not just by one doctor by a few. many test need to be done and it is also a process of elimination. to be honest adhn is one of the hardest mental "illnesses" to diagnose because the is so much environmental factors to consider. the reason I know this is because I did an extensive report on it during my study because I was sick of every second child being "diagnosed" with adhd. it seems you have done the right things to eliminate environmental factors but these take time they are no quick fixes. the best thing is a life style change like you have done and consistency, you must stick to it for a long period. also you must realise children learn differently and have different strengths and weaknesses.

thirdly and most importantly, please do not medicate your son. Ritalin is not good for growing brain and has horrible side affects if it used for a long time. I know this because my cousin was put on Ritalin from 5 years old and it breaks my heart to se what he had to go through and is still going through. I also have to nephews that are on it and it has messed up there brains. it is a mind altering drug that will mess up the brains wiring and had long lasting detrimental affect to your child.

you are better of talking with a child psychologist and they can help you put inplace some strategies in the areas that you are concerned about.

good luck my dear, I wish you and your son the best

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Often when kiddies have difficulty sitting still there may be some underlying difficulties with sensory processing.

Although medication can be a very helpful tool when children have a true ADHD, there are plenty of other strategies to trial smile

An assessment with an Occupational Therapist trained in sensory processing difficulties would help to give you an idea of what is going on. They will discuss strategies such as weight bearing activities, fidget toys, wobbly cushions for his bottom.

That is fantastic that he has identified that it is hard to sit still, this will mean he will be more open to trying things to help him be successful with this.

Please feel free to pm me if you would like some suggestions smile
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