My 1st son Linsley is a wonderful child who was diagnosed at 5y/o with ADHD. We really are lucky with his diagnosis, as he "only" has ADHD. None of the other "letters" that can go with it. He takes a fast acting medication that I usually only give him for school as he cannot learn without it. On weekends and holidays he rarely takes it, if we're going to the movies or somewhere where his behaviour will affect other peoples experience i'll give him a dose. But in general we cope with him he's just very busy and silly but not "naughty or violent".

My 3rd son Luke is a mixed bag... And I'm still fighting for the right help with him. He was born with- hypotonia, hypospadias, external signs of a tethered spinal cord- MRI at 6 weeks diagnosed spina bifida occulta and a blind sinus and mild tongue tie. Today at 4y/o Luke has a severe speech delay, moderate receptive speech delay, mild global developmental delay and still struggles with the hypotonia, I have just been told he needs special shoes to help stabilise his arches and ankles. Financially I struggle with all this!!!! As with no specific diagnosis he attracts no funding. Oh, well! He's beautiful and worth the effort:)

My other 3 children are amazing too! I'm very conscious of them receiving as equally as there brothers do.