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I was wondering if any mums or dads out there could offer advice on pre teen autism spectrum. I have a feeling my 12yo stepdaughter has autism as she has quite a lot of trouble doing normal or basic things. Obviously I understand that I'm not after a diagnosis, we will seek medical advice also. She has always had problems with hygiene such as not wiping after going to the toilet (both wee & poo), and having recently got her period she is not changing her pads often or showering frequently even after her father & I mention it. She has waxed under her arms a couple of times but often is quite hairy & does not put on deodorant. She rarely brushes her teeth unless constantly reminded, dirties her undies and leaves them in her room, is unable to wash her hair properly leaving it still smelling sweaty and dirty. She cannot ride a bike or swim. Her motor skills & basic strengths are quite weak. She is quite juvenile and giggles about silly things, and has trouble following instruction if you give her more than 1 or 2 things to do. Just after experiences so that we can better equip ourselves to address the issues with a bit more understanding.

Thank you Raspberry Sundae, lots of great info there smile

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