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My daughter is 15 months old and has low tone, she can sit on her own but can only put a little bit of weight on her legs when held up, the thing that worries me the most is the weakness in her neck, she still can't lift her head from the floor when doing tummy time. I've been told that it takes time so I guess I'm looking for any stories where children have been at the same point and have managed to crawl/walk. We are doing Physio daily at home with her. Thanks ????
Do they know why she has low tone? My son was late on a lot of milestones and we were told that he had low tone. He only learnt to roll at 9 months and started standing at 14 months. He never learnt to crawl (he developed a weird crab like butt shuffle) but started walking around 16-17 months from memory.

However they couldn't find a reason for low tone so said it was most likely because he didn't use the muscles that they were staying weak (he screamed though tummy time and only was happy in bouncy chairs so spent a lot of time not doing things that supported muscle development). He has (mostly) caught up now except on speech where we're still a bit behind but also catching up slowly (he had swallowing difficulties too which has now turned into a speech delay).

My understanding is that whether a baby catches up depends on the cause.

Not sure if that helps. We found seeing a developmental paediatrician a great help so you may want to consider that if you haven't. Sounds like if you're already doing daily physio then you're already on top of things (the one piece of advise both the physio and the paediatrician gave us was never put him in a sitting position as it allowed him to see/get what he wanted... He only worked out how to stand when we stopped putting him in a sitting position so he had an incentive to learn how to pull himself up as he had to learn how to get into the sitting position by himself first if that makes sense).
Hi. Thanks for that. They don't know why she is low tone, have had loads of tests done for lots of things but all is normal. It's interesting you said not to put her in sitting position, it makes sense, when she's on the floor she wriggles and can move into the crawling position but her neck weakness stops her from lifting her head to go any further, im thinking she might just skip crawling and bum shuffle then walk. I haven't seen any posts of children that have the same kind of neck weakness, some reassurance from someone who has been through something similar would be nice.
Thanks again for your reply ????
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