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Hi everyone, With the start of the new year what better time to put your health and fitness reg...

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Weight gain in first trimester of first pregnancy Lock

Hi all, I'm 10 weeks today and so far I've gained damn near 5kg! So only 1/4 through but alread...

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I'm almost 11 weeks now and also gained 5kg. I am a wellness coach and my usual diet consist of whole foods only. Boy did pregn...


constipation Lock

Hello guys. Today I want to share some tips for the constipation. I hope it will help you all. H...

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High blood presure Lock

Hello Friends. Today I will let you know how to control your high blood pressure. Here are the fe...

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Are you eating the right amount Lock

I came across a great article on How many calories should I eat-

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I bet I eat more than I need. I do run and I feel very hungry after, but it is a habit to eat chocolate after dinner. I think I need...


Is anyone trying to get fit and healthy in 2016 and looking for a support group? Lock

Rather than weight loss, maybe you're looking for a more wholistic approach to revamping you...

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What have you been juicing? Lock

I'm juicing to lose weight but i don't mix fruits with vegetables.. can you share your ...

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Justletmelogin12345 wrote: why don't you like to mix fruit and veg? its the best. i usually have watermelon with a teaspoon of...


My baby won't sleep! Lock

Hey, I have a 6 month old baby that was born on time and is healthy. Fully breast fed with one me...

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Yep. Totally understand. I've read everything I can find on getting babies to sleep. I know all the different methods, their pr...


Mums Fitness Remuera Kohimarama Lock

Hi Mums, just wanted to invite anyone who reads this post to come and try out the Mums Fitness tr...

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How to lose Baby Fat?! :D Lock

Ok. So looking for the advice from all mums... what is the secret to getting back to your "b...

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YOu could write a food jornal and take a look at what you think is keeping you bloated. Eliminate one or two foods. For me living a...


Running group for Kiwi mums Lock

Hi all I have set up a group on Facebook for Mums who run, or would like to take up or return to ...

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Weight Loss Challenge :) Please Join Lock

Hello 2 everyone that wants to lose weight.... Just a few rules to follow; 1. You have to post ev...

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What a great support group for you ladies!


Sth East Melbourne - Keysborough & surrounds seeking fitness class with bubs Lock

Does anyone know of a group fitness class around Keysborough Vic you can bring bubs along. Search...

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Pesky belly flab Lock

Hi ladies Sorry, this is a bit of an odd one but it's bugging me. I've had 2 babies w...

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Sounds a bit like me. We just have to strengthen the abdominal muscles so the skin sort of gets pulled back. Try heaps of sit ups a...


Paleo Mums & Dads Lock

Hi all, I am starting a new hobby of cooking. Yes, since turning Paleo this year I have had no ch...

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jogging pram Lock

Hi mummas I want a pram I can run with my 9 month old. Any suggestions or opinions / experience...

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I don't know anyone with one personally. But they get a good wrap on the running forums. One of the guys that does triathlon ...


It starts with food Lock

I just wanted to share my current experience with (branded) detox. I am having a positive effect ...

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Mission to lose baby weight Lock

Tomorrow I begin my mission to get the baby weight off. I had seriously convinced myself whilst...

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I hope everyone's week got better. Lots of colds and flu bugs around. I am so over trying to wipe my toddlers nose while he r...


7day detox soup diet??? Lock

hi all Today is day 1 of my 7 day detox to kixk start my weight loss. well if I can stick to i...

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High Oestrogen and low Progesterone Lock

I've been to a Naturopath and he checked my levels and this is what he found. Has any-one el...

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Should I just stop the Pill Lock

I've posted before about changing to Diane Ed because of issues with my skin right now. What...

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Well I've been on Diane or 2 weeks now and I don't like how I'm feeling emotionally. I feel agitated. I also have a d...


TMI and personal Lock

This is TIM and very personal. For the past 6-9 months I have been bleeding after sex. At first...

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I had this problem 3 years ago but i was only bleeding after penetration. I went to the doctor and they found a Polyp which was easi...


What Pill Lock

I am interested to know what pill is everybody taking, I am curious to see if any-one is on the o...

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Have a chat to your doctor about what pill is right for you. I took Microgynon 30 (Levlen) for 9 years, with a brief break for a few...

Losing Weight Lock

Hi! I'm trying to lose weight as well! I'd love to have someone as a support.. It'...

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Has anyone used SensaSlim ?? Lock

Anyone used it before, or know of anyone that has? What do you think of it? Does it work?

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Can either of you tell me what colour the spray is? I have some here but wondering if it has gone off as it is brown.


Juicer Lock

I have just bought a juicer today and was wondering if anyone has any Juice recipes they would li...

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Apple, Pear & Stawberry.


Start your journey towards an active and healthy lifestyle by joining our growing community of mums! Lock

Hi, I have just launched my new business, Little Jellies. We are here to provide a support networ...

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Gym enthusiasts help please! Do chest excercises improve your boobs? Lock

Hi Hope and Hysteria, I'm sorry to hear your boobs are getting you down I'm not sure h...

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Anyone do their grocery shopping online? Coles? Aussie Farmer's Direct? Lock

Does anyone do their grocery shopping online? I've always been reluctant to do it as I felt ...

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We've used Coles for online grocery shopping and found them pretty good (our regular delivery guy was a grump, but nice enough)...


Anyone do their grocery shopping online? Coles? Aussie Farmer's Direct? Lock

Does anyone do their grocery shopping online? I've always been reluctant to do it as I felt ...

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Help!!!! My weight is NOT coming off & summer is around the corner Lock

Hi all, I started about 2 months ago eating alot healther & even did walking for about 3 wee...

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I am a personal trainer in a gym. I would suggest you that you should stick to healthy diets and drink more water. If you are unable...

J & J's Mum <3

Has anyone tried the body trim diet? Lock

Hi there, I am considering trying the body trim diet now I've stopped breastfeeding just wo...

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Thanks so much for this I've just read that now and all useful information

J & J's Mum <3

Weight loss & gain after weaning of breastfeeding Lock

Hi there, Just curious to get your input on weight gain or loss after stopping breastfeeding. Dur...

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Getting healthy support thread Lock

I will join in. I need to lose 30kg but really struggling. Well done so far on your weight loss

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Garcinia Cambogia Weight loss Supplement. I am always weary when it come to "miracle pills" but im going to give it a try...


Post Pregnancy Health and Fitness Lock

Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer a few short ques...

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Can you help me please Lock

I have been having really funny sensation in both my breasts. it feels like milk coming in. I don...

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Hey! Haven't seen you around in ages - hope you're well! I'm always getting that feeling in my breasts, and it'...


Flu shot if I have a cold ???? Lock

I'm supposed to get the flu shot tomorrow at work (they provide it for free, but tomorrow on...

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lol I am a shocker for not reading threads properly and rarely do I look at the dates... ahhh


Is it normal to have a bit of the skin hanging down the vigina? Lock

After giving birth I feel there is a bit of the skin hanging down my vigina. is this normal ? i...

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yeah mine was drug free to, no epi for the stitches unfortunately but yes they do cut it and re stitch it its now a plastic surgeons...

Nicki, Livi and Jacko :D

Mary Kay - Does anyone use it? What are your opinions? Lock

I'm just wondering who out there uses Mary Kay products? I don't know much about them b...

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I love it! Their make up is gorgeous- just waiting on my mineral powder to arrive this week actually! Their lipsticks are great too