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Who has taken, or who takes Duromine?
What are your thoughts on this?
Has it worked for you? and if so, what have you lost?

I start tomorrow on it.

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Spunky - talk to Denae about Duromine. She has posted a few times in the past (in the Looking after yourself with a baby section) about how she lost quite a bit on it.

I think there are different levels you can get - 15mg, 30mg & 45mg. I've been too chicken to try it (and now can't anyway) but there are HUGE threads in Essential Baby dedicated to the stuff and most of them say the 15mg is pretty useless.

The main thing to do though is to make sure you do eat a healthy diet while you are on it - even if you aren't hungry at all. Otherwise you won't have the habits instilled in you when you have to come off it. I think you can only be on it for a couple of months then you have to have a break to avoid addiction problems (given that it is just speed!!!).

Good luck with your efforts!!! And happy losing!
Is there a weight limit to being prescribed this??

I have almost 9 kilos to lose and i am looking for something to push me to the end of my journey. I have come so far (27kgs) and i just have a little way to go and i am finding it hard.
Im on the 30mgs. cost me $95.00 too.

Im not sure that they will give it to you if you only have 9ks to lose. But you could always ask them, mention it next doctor visit, and say you are struggling with the last part of it.

I have 20kg to lose, so i guess im considered a real fatty boombah! lmao

Also, i totally eat healthy, no junk food what so ever, so this is just hopefully going to help budge the weight that healthy eating alone wont do. (i exercise too, but not gym workouts, as i dont have time.)

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can you still breast feed on the duromine?
When my doctor first put me on duromine i weighed 74kgs after having bub in the first 5 days i lost 3 kg's.
I started on 15mg because this is the effective way to lose weight and keep it off on duromine then after a month go up to the 30mg.
im now at 65 and have been on them about 4 weeks.
I have to get down to 55kg before he will take me of them because of my height being 153cm.

I got mine at wizard for $91.50...
You can buy phentermine on the internet alot cheaper but i wouldn't risk it..

Nah Jess you cant use them while breastfeeding. I got them when i finished breastfeeding.


Nope to the breast feeding.

It pretty much acts like speed, gives you loads of energy, and suppresses your appetite.

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can i just ask a question out of interest, i thought u had to be pretty over weight to be prescribed this, and 74 kgs doesnt seem over weightto me!

im 75 kgs and my doctor prescibed them to me straight away, he didnt weight me or do my bmi or nothing, maybe he could just see i am over weight haha. Im starting mine in a week. i got my from a pharmacy in gossy for 120 bux,, i got ripped lol, im going to wizard pharmacy next.. can you smoke while taking duromine?
your doctor SHOULD, if a decent doctor weigh you and measure your height, and get a BMI. They need to know your weight so that they know if it is working or not properly.

They should also above that check that your BP is ok too.

But Michelle, i guess that answers your question though, some docs will give it to anyone.

Also, 75kgs might not be much, but for Shanas height, it may be, and obviously is if he wants her to stay on them till goal weight of 55 (from memory)
theres 20kg there.

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Just wanted to add, that i lost 1.6kg on my first day! YAY FOR ME! wink

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I am going to ask my doc but i am not sure how i will go. I am 70 kgs and i would like to be 60 so maybe its not a big enough loss to warrent it.
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