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Walking? Rss

So fess up, who walks everyday? and who just cant be bothered?

I actually find walking BORING! lol

Its alright if it is in a shopping centre, or around a really nice lake or soemthing, but just to go and walk around the block i lack the motivation, just doesnt interest me.

anyone else like this?

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OMG I am so lacking the motivation for that and at the moment, walking is all I can afford to do LOL.
Its good if you got someone to talk to or music to listen to...however listenin to an ipod or whatever isnt very practical when your pushin a child along too!!

I am going back to uni soon and my uni is very hilly with a huge lake and I used to watch ppl in their breaks walk round it a few times so I thought I might use my breaks productively and try that otherwise I will just sit round the place day dreaming!!
Will see how that goes LOL...

Was going to go for a walk tonight but naughty me didnt....I am going for a walk tomorrow morning with a friend n her son so that will be good!

I have always hated walking as I find it quite boring but today I walked DD to daycare which is only a short walk (around 15-20 minutes) and I really enjoyed it so i'm thinking I should walk more.
The best walk would have to be round Chermside shoppimg centre!!!! I go walking with DH 4 times a week and then walk Chermside prob twice a week!

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I live over on the Bayside and love walking along the waterfront. But lack the motivation to get my ass up & go there!!!

If you are really stuck, try the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. The 1mile one only goes for 18mins so it's hard to find a excuse not to do it. It's basically walking on the spot, knee lifts, kicks & side steps. They add arm movements and some hand weights in and gradually increase the speed as you go along. It's so easy to do, but does give you a workout. The 1mile one also has the 2mile one on the same DVD - it goes for about 35mins so you can work up to it when the 1mile gets too easy - but use the 1 mile when you don't have a full 1/2 hr etc. I've also got the 3mile but have never got up the fitness level to do it very well.
We have 2 dogs so i kinda have to get outta the house at least once every second day.

I get a bit bored when jsut walking around town because it is too dark to go on my normal walk.

The nicest walk is when i go up the hill. Ok it is not Nice going up the hil but up the top i let the dog off and walk through the bush and aroudn the back of the mountian and back, the veiw the whole way as you glimpse through trees is of the town and the sea and the swamp or the refinery, jsut beautiful. makes walking bareable
OMG tell me about it walking is boring. I just got my licence and told my partner that im going to take bub to shop and walk around as a form of execrise and he told me that I would look stupid

tell your partner to shush lol do wat eva u want!!

iv found that walking with the mp3 player makes walking lots less boring, and jsut put it in tha back pocket of the pram. iv found its been way to hot lately to walk during the day but iv been going to the gym so dont feel so guilty lol. iv lost 19 kg all up since i had my baby so feelin quite pleased today lol =D

He''''''''s bubbalicious!

OMG 19 kg how long did it take you to lose it?

Normally I love walking, but with 2year old and new bub, by the time I get them both ready and loaded in the pram and make sure I have supplies in case 2yo gets hungry/thirsty or 1month old spews on everything etc etc etc, it hardly seems worth going at all.

its been 2 months since i had Cristian so 2 months lol. i put on 30 kg tho while i was pregnant!! gonna go for a walk soon actually lol. argh hate feeling soooo big!!!!!!!!!

He''''''''s bubbalicious!

i hate walking to... buit i find it is better if you have a destination? like to the shops or something.

you know what i hate more? The treadmill at the gym!!!! if theres nothing good on TV it is SO BORING!!!>
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