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White stretch marks - are there any creams that can help? Lock Rss

My stretch marks on my tummy, thighs and breasts have now turned white. I was informed that once they reach this stage, it is difficult to get rid of them compared to when they are at the reddish stage.

However, if anyone has used a cream/oil that has worked on white stretch marks, your recommendation would be greatly appreciated! gasp)
they go white as a sign of healing, fading.
there is nothing much you can do for them. i too have had to get used to them. simply moisturising to keep your skin healthy and not dry etc may help but i don't think there are any creams that'll help them further.
vitamin e cream is alawys good.

Danni, WA,

i got told Bio Oil is very very good but i am unsure if that was for both "coloured" stretch marks?
you could try its about $15 from safeway/woolworths for the small bottle?
may be worth a try i ahve been using it but not very regularly so i cant comment lol i forget to put it on most days

***haydens mum***

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