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Vibrating machines???? Lock Rss

Hi I went to the Gold Coast Show and they were promoting these machines that you stand on and a part of the bottom wobbles like mad. They said it does the same workout as 1 hour on a treadmill in only 10 minutes.

Anyone heard or tried one of these? I know that they are in some gyms.
[Edited on 03/09/2008]

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i think i might know the machine you are talking about...i was at a sport shop a while embarrasing i can't even remember the name of the shop!! i got a cross trainer n was asking about that vibrating machine thing..the guy told me not to bother...its basically a load of bullsh**.
cross trainers and rowing machines are the best, so ive been told.

Danni, WA,

I have one here at my house! I paid $1200 for it to sit in the corner and collect dust!!

Ho Hum!

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