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I had my banding done in 2007 and before i fell pregnant (jan 2010) I had lost 52 kgs. it is not for everyone, my sister had it 12 months after me and has not lost weight.

For me, it worked really well and is starting to work again to help me lose my baby weight.

Hi my MIL had lap ban done last year.She will eat what ever.
Does not eat meat or veg.

I have known her for a long time she also will throw up after eating even now
with the lap ban. She was 150kg now 111kg but she has got the biggest hips ever and big arms & legs. She will always look big.
She does not excerise at all.

You can be sure of the results if you get done a lapband surgery.It will cost around 10,000.I have seen some people who lost so many pounds after the surgery.
Lap Band Cost|Lap Band Costs
I have had a lapband for 12 months now and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have lost 50kg so far with 15kg until I reach my goal weight. I have also never gotten food 'stuck' or vomited from my band. I take care of it with regular follow ups with my doctor and dietician which is very important. You have to remember a lapband is by no means a quick fix and you won't wake up from surgery skinny. It is important to exercise for your general health and fitness and to tone your body to reduce excess skin issues. In answer to your question, the only regret I have about my lapband is that I didn't get it 10 years ago because I am so much happier now.
lap band surgery is helpful for a tension free weight loss process and helps in the weightloss without much worries. all that you got to do is have the surgery and follow the diet and routine as set by the doctor and enjoy the new shape of your body.

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Lapband surgery is a good option to reduce excess weight in effective manner. But it is an expensive option and most of the time beyond the reach of common man. If you want some easy way to finance lap band surgery then lap band surgery Medicare pay for it. This is an insurance plan for lap band patients that is federally managed and financed.
Gastric lap band surgery is quite helpful for those who are suffering from unbearable obesity. You can have this process in order to reduce your excessive weight. After going through the surgery, patient should properly follow gastric lap band surgery diet provided by the the physician to get well soon. Diet chart will slowly progress from liquid diet to soft foods, and lastly to the solid food.
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