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Im being brave MAYBE lmao Lock Rss

As most of you know I have lost 18.5kg and 16cm off my waist.

I still have a long way to go and Im still ashamed of how big I was and how big I still am but a few have asked.

So who wants to see them??
yep definately!
its time to get rid of those negative thoughts and put it out there!
that is an awesome effort. no matter how big you were (i dont know) but good on you anyway.

how are you feeling?

As long as they are nudie shots.
Congratulations Nikki. That is fantastic. 18.5kg is an amazing weight loss. I am so happy for you. GBH.

Good on you - well done!!!

That is an amazing effort!!
ohhhh my protest going to work? lol

And no Kate they are not nudie shots. I had to HUNT for a pic of me that wasnt the before one I took in my leggings and bra lmao
wow!! looking good. that is a huge difference (no pun intended there) good on you!
WTG sheila, you have done VERY well!
you can really notice the difference.

congratulations, you must be so proud.

woohooo well done!!
you have done extremely well!
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