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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has tried Sheer Cover, Thin Lizzy or any other quick foundation products.

I just want something I can quickly put on that will look good, not over the top and last all day.

Im going to start to get my eye lashes tinted, I really want to start looking good but having a 19 month and 12 week old girls so I need something quick and easy.

Thanks for your replies smile

Hi tildas mum,

I haven't use either of these products but I've seen them and they look pretty good. I looked into getting Sheer Cover but you have to mix the different pigments to get your 'right' shade and I don't really have time for that smile

I recently started using the Maybelline mineral power powder foundation and found it really good.

Hey I use Thin Lizzy and find it really really good. I find quickest makeup is to use the thin lizzy concealer to cover up spots and imperfections first and then use the bronzer to give a glow after and it looks really nice smile Think they have a deal on too where you buy 1 get one free so its good value! Eyelash tinting is nice too, I get that done and saves worrying about mascara and also nice when you go swimming smile

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