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Is it just me that thinks... Lock Rss

that is it is generally more expensive to eat healthily? Just for example, i brought the boys and i subway for lunch yesterday as a treat (we never usually eat 'take-away') and i was astounded at how much it cost compared to the odd occasion they have had kids meals from Hungry Jacks or KFC.

The cost of fruit and veg is quite high in comparison with 'junk foods' too.

The bulk of my shopping is spent on fruit, veg and locally sourced good quality meat and i've been thinking about it lately and wondered if anyone else thought the same?

I guess the main reason is my shopping bill... i've been trying to figure out ways to cut costs but i can't figure out how to without compromising the quality of the produce we eat.

I buy nuts, seeds and dried fruits, yoghurt, cheese, crackers and organic corn chips and fruit (strawberries, rockmelon, apples, bananas, necterines, grapes) as snacks and we eat fresh veggies with every meal. I try to make one or two meals per week 'meat free' to cut costs.

Anyone have anything to add or any ideas?

I always find that fruit and veg are the cheapest thing. Definately cheaper for us to buy fresh stuff than packaged/processed stuff.
don't get me started on the price of milk in NZ and bread!!!!!!!!!!

we can actually get 4lt and 2 loaves now at the diary for $10.50 SO ITS A BARGIN.

i usually have some frozen in the freezer but often it veg is really expensive especially in the winter.
I don't think it costs more to eat healthy. But I think it depends on what you buy. It is definitely more expensive to buy organic and packaged foods. I don't buy much packaged foods, except the essentials. I cook almost everything from scratch which saves heaps. I buy all my fruit and veg from the markets and that's a difference of at least $15 a week compared to the supermarket (better quality as well). I also buy in bulk, I do monthly shopping for everthing except fruit and veg, bread and soy yogurt.

We hardly ever buy takeaway and when we do it's a treat, so we get maccas.
Its certainly not just you! Its actually a fact that poorer people are fatter and its not because of lack of exercise, its the food they buy as healthy food is more expensive than fattening junk.
I really noticed it when I was dieting, all I did was change my diet and eat 6 smaller meals a day but we were forking out up to $40 more a week just so I could have yoghurts and fruit and salads instead of junk snack foods. Also fattening meats are cheaper! It really sucks when you're NOT lucky enough to eat anything and not put on weight!
fresh food is expensive, because it is expensive to produce. Processed foods came about because it was cheaper to produce.
Expensive fresh food reflects the true cost of growing it. Sure there are ways to find it cheaper - buy in bulk, in season, local etc But not everyone has that luxury. It is a viscious cycle. People with little money can't afford the food they need to keep them healthy, meaning they get ill more often, need health treatments / medications etc and have less money.
Because it is so expensive to produce food and they are doing it on such an industrial scale - the chemicals used to grow large amounts of food, deplete the soil of nutrients. If the soil does't have the nutrients, the vegies don't have the nutrients. This is why organic food is much more expensive. It is much more expensive to produce as it takes more manpower and more expensive methods to get less product. This is also one of the reasons why they say eating organic is better for you - especially if you are sick.
its definately less expensive to eat unhealthy foods. why do u think its the people from lower socio-economic areas that generally have the most unhealthy kids? these areas have less money, lower rents etc yet they have the most fast food shops?

one thing is that frozen veggies are just as nutrient rich as fresh produce. they also last longer and you can get more variety more often i have found the steam fresh microwave packets very good, reasonably priced and so quick and easy! fruit, veg and meat is insanely expensive sad we usually just get the basics apples, bananas, tomatoes, lettuce cucumber, potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, strawberries, watermelon and pears, with the occasional mangoes, nectrines, rockmelon, avocado, grapes, celery, spinach.

i get 2 bags of the steam fresh veggies one with brocoli, peas, corn and beans, and the other with brocoli, carrot and cauliflower and alternate them.

Your absolutely right, It would be so much cheaper for me to buy DD junk snacks rather than fresh fruit etc! And would be so much easier for me to buy myself say 2 bags of chips instead of fruit, rice crackers, yoghurt etc! BUT at the end of the day its our health, its important so i suck it up lol
I don't find main-stream fruit and veg expensive (plain old potatos, carrots, apples, bananas etc)... but when I want to buy strawberries, stone fruit or asian greens it starts to get a bit pricey!

I find meat and dairy the most expensive....

As for junk food being cheaper? I look at a packet of bickies - nice ones are about $3-4 and think I could buy a whole bag of fruit for that! When we were doing it really really tough - one week I had $20 for the groceries so I spent it all on vegies a loaf of bread and some milk.. and we got through the week quite fine. But to be a vegetarian you need other sources of protien, which again, costs more! grrr

I don't buy junk food ever... if it's in the cupboard I'll end up eating it so I just refuse to buy it. Occasionally we will have maccas or kfc, but if I'm really craving it I'd prefer a homemade cake/muffins any day over a packet of chips.

Always have chocolate in the cupboard however wink

Yes I agree!!!
Fresh fruit and meat is so expensive!
I brought 3 Pink Lady Apples the other day for almost $8.00!
Oh and also a quater of a watermelon for $5.98????
I think this is crazy!
Thanks for all the replies smile

Wow, may be i shouldn't complain seeing as you girls from NZ have to pay that much just for milk and bread eeeeeeeeep huh

I buy biodynamic/organic milk and yoghurt that is produced about 25mins away from home. The milk is about $4.50 for 2ltrs and the yoghurt is about $3.00 for 500g.

I find that our local farmers market is more expensive for some fruit and veg because it is grown/sold in smaller quantities and it is not brought in bulk, like the major supermarkets do.

OC1246 - you are so right, thanks for the input.

Lissi - i think a lot of the time frozen veg would be better quality because they are not stored and transferred etc like fresh ones are smile

To cut costs I have a vegie garden, make my own yoghurt, bake our own bread/ fruit bread and plan our meals. I still spend a fortune on groceries though sad

That is my goal for in a few years time. Buy/build a house on a 2 acres or so and grow a lot of my own vegies and plant some fruit trees etc. I might actually look into making my own bread but we don't eat a lot of bread so not sure how justified it would be. I also plan my meals too smile thanks for the reply.

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