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Weight Loss Challenge :) Please Join Lock Rss

Hello 2 everyone that wants to lose weight....
Just a few rules to follow;
1. You have to post every to you have eaten something u feel guilty about smile
2. Post your weight gain/loss every monday
4. Post your exercise every day
3. Enjoy

Open to comments on the rules smile

Starts this monday 8/12/14
I'm in!

Good Morning!
I have a small problem... my scales are flat. so there goes the weigh in but still going to eat good today... or try!
I am in as well,
I put on 14kg during pregnancy. My little one is almost 6 months, i have so far lost 4.75kgs.
i try to do 1 hour on the exercise bike a day by doing 20mins at a time when she sleeps. and then run around like crazy trying to do the house work before she wakes up.
well im not off to a good start... its the most horrid weather here today and i have eaten chocolate cake left from the weekend and tempted to have more and done no exercise yet!!!
I had leftover potato bake and a coffee.. I have done about 2 hours of housework and if the weather stays clear for a bit I'll take bub for a walk but feeling guilty about eating the potato bake lol! I don't have scales btw.
Have you planned dinner kayell?
ive resisted more of the choc cake so far but have had 2 coffees so far... trying to find the energy on this grey day
yup got some meat and veges so thats good... one step forward!
I have no scales so I can't weigh myself. That being said I'm less concerned about the numbers and just want to lose the gut. Plus I noticed today my legs look a bit thick. Not impressed.

My goals are:
Three meals a day and two small snacks. I tend to eat nothing until lunch and then shovel something convenient in.
Drink a glass of water with each meal
Portion control - whatever it is, I eat too much at once.
Walk approx 45 mins a day
Restrict treats to once or twice a week

This will hopefully result in a more toned body, more energy, better skin and better metabolism.

This year will probably not be a good start as I've work do's, travel for work etc plus the whole christmas let's drink a lot of wine thing. That being said, I will at least tick off the first two and hopefully three on my list for the remainder of the year.

Good luck everyone. smile

I just wanted to say...


smile smile smile
Ok I'm going to join in too... I lost weight for my wedding earlier this year but put it all back on over winter. So here I go again!
Summer holiday approaching so that is going to be my motivation, but my main goal is my 40th next yr.
Start weight 89.1kg. Goal weight by July 2015 is 72kg. (Approx 17kg to lose in 8 months)
1hr walk today, fruit for snacks and good choices & portion sizes made for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Let's go girls!!! smile
I'll be in once baby is born ...
I'm in too smile
Will do my first weigh in Monday morning! - Hmm, does that mean I have a few more days to behave badly!! smile
Yay, for us - Good luck everyone!!

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