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Hey, I have a 6 month old baby that was born on time and is healthy. Fully breast fed with one meal at lunch of fruit and one at dinner of vegetables. She's perfect, but will not sleep! first of all I have tried the tressillian help line and bought all the books on baby sleep and tried the free websites with tips on making baby sleep. I cannot follow any advice anyone gave me because she will not nap consistently or sleep through! Her schedule is: (very inconsistent)

6am-7am:play and maybe 5 minutes of a feed
7am-745: play
745-8am bed
8am- ? NAP for 20 minutes-45 minutes
8am-10am as above
10am NAP for 20 mins-1 hour
11am lunch

Cycle continues until dinner is at 5pm and bed is 545-610

How do I fix her sleep? I'm exhausted and can't keep it up anymore
How many hours does your lo sleep through the night? I was struggling with that but rang plunket helpline (nz). She told me because my dd sleeps 12hours over night with one feed she might only need 20-45min sleep 3 times a day, after being awake 2hours between. Is it worth the fight? Also something i tell myself i would rather her sleep at night and awake the day. Hope that helps ? It sounds like your doing a great job i know its hard!
At 6 months you could try starting a feeding/sleeping routine. For example:

Wake - feed
Early morning - play
Mid morning - a small snack or a BF then sleep
BF and sleep
BF and sleep

I think 2hrs between 2 sleeps isn't enough. Try and stretch them out a little more so she is sleeping mid morning, mid arvo and night time. If this doesn't work, quit one of the sleep times so she gets one a day and one at night.

I agree if she sleeps at night you're blessed.

PS. Save Our Sleep was a God sent book for me personally.

Sorry, should have mentioned mines only 5months so being 6 months your lo will prob be able to last more than 2hours between sleeps but every baby is different ????
Thanks guys! I forgot to mention she's also up multiple times per night but I will try stretching it and see what happens!
Hi. I'm not going to try to give any advice on sleeping as I've got a non-sleeper myself (who's now a toddler). Just letting you know there's plenty of mums who have been there and I understand how terrible it is when bub won't sleep. Is there anyway you could get a few hours off to have some mummy time?

All I can say is it does get better. I never managed to sleep train my son but he went from a terrible sleeper at 6 months (up 10-12 times every single night for months on end with lots of daytime cat naps) to a still pretty crap sleeper but much more manageable (up 4-5 times a night with just one long day nap). I realise that doesn't help for now but there is light at the end of the tunnel (we're still waiting to get there too!)
Thank you makalu! It's so frustrating because I have tried every avenue I know of. Funny thing is, I read books when I was pregnant to make sure I knew and I still don't. She was sleeping through the night at 2 months, then at 4 months was up 5 times a night and wouldn't nap.

The father is great and does help me when he isn't working, but it's still the same!
Yep. Totally understand. I've read everything I can find on getting babies to sleep. I know all the different methods, their pros/cons, how to do, how long it takes etc.... But my son has a different idea than me when it comes to sleep and I've never got it to work. As I said though, eventually they get there. For some it just takes longer than others.
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