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Ok I used to see mothers in the shopping mall saying "if you do that one more time I'm going to smack you." Only for the child to do it again and the mother say the same thing. I used to think - "Don't threaten and not follow through!!"
Well the other day I was at the supermarket. DS was being a pain in the butt trying to climb out of the seat and thinking it was funny. It wasn't it was freaking me out - I could just see him taking a tumble. Anyway I told him I was going to smack him if he did it again. No sooner had I said this than he did it again - BUT there was a middle aged woman in the isle that gave me a filthy look. So I didn't smack.
Now I don't want to be a mum that threatens and never disciplines my kid BUT it appears that smacking in public is a real social taboo.
Does anyone else feel this way?
Thats funny I find most middle aged woman are all for smacking as thats how they were raised......
I feel the same way and also been one of those mums that have been shopping and made the threat and not carried through... I have been know to give the smack in public and the reactions around you are really bad... I just keep telling myself that the other parent around me will understand and that it should not matter if you give your child a tap for being naughty.

It really isn't until they are a little older when they really understand that you will be smacked and it will be embarracing (sp?) for the child to be smacked in public. Now I just threaten the smack but don't actually have to go through with it.

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I couldn't care less about what other people think about the way I discipline my daughter. If they are that concerned about seeing me give her a smack (yes a smack, not a slap or anything that is abusive) then what would they think if she was just running wild through the shops!

It doesn't matter what you do, there will always be someone there to give you a dirty look and criticise your decision.

So, to make it easier on yourself, go through with your threat and don't look at those around you. Who cares what they think!

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I would have smacked and said to the woman what are you looking at...Well I have done that before LOL! They quickly take their judgement and gallop away on their high horse.

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The thing is though the way some of us were raised was we did get smacked and in some cases it wasn't just the hand..
I threaten my DS but never end up doing it. But every time I do it around my mum she's anti-smacking NOW...But the thing with my mum is she was the one who punished us kids with all sorts of things (leaving us on side of the road and driving off, wooden spoons, belts, etc).

It's something that people know about that happens they just don't want to see it.....


Certainly can't do it here, it's not just a social taboo, it's now illegal to smack your children.

I guess it depends on most people personal opinions, I feel the odd smack doesn't do any harm especially in your case where you are concerned for your childs safety. I'd rather see a wee smack than a concussion. Thats just me tho.

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I think this new law in NZ is totally obsurd! Its meant to prevent child abuse but all it does is stop good parents from disciplining their kids and producing a decent member of society and still leaves the kids that are abused in abusive households. No child abuser does it in public so its a totally pointless law! You can't police it in private homes so whats the point!
A tap on the hand, butt or leg isnt going to hurt anyone! I smacked my kids when they were younger...They are now 10 and 6 and I havent smacked them for years cos they know if they do something naughty and do it again after the warning they'l get one across the butt!

Yeah it might be illegal but whos gunna take any notice of a lil tap on the hand of a kid being naughty!

Either way you're gunna be judged...for either smacking or letting your kid run riot in a supermarket, so its a lose/lose situation really.

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I dont smack, its not teaching anything (IMHO) I am for firm talking to and removing from the situation. With DD she likes to walk around the supermarket but also likes to Touch things. Once i see her touching something i tell her DD if you touch something again you will be in the trolley. She then touches something else and in the trolley she goes. After about say 10 mins (or less depending on DD) she will say "sorry mummy me out now" and out she gets and it continues she gets a warning then back in the trolley if she touches... Normally she is only in the trolley once.

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Yeah it might be illegal but whos gunna take any notice of a lil tap on the hand of a kid being naughty!

Thats a pretty warped way of seeing things, Thats like saying yes Drugs are illegal but who is going to notice if i do it in my own home!

Posted by: mum.2.jordan.n.jacob
A tap on the hand, butt or leg isnt going to hurt anyone!

I love the way that smackers say a 'tap', like trying to justify that it is ok. If you are comfortable with what you are doing, you would say 'hit', because, let's face it, that is what you are doing.

Smacking IMO shows it is ok for a bigger person to bully and intentionally hurt another smaller person.

Anyways, threatening discipline and not following through is something you should never as a parent do, it shows your child that you are weak and don't mean what you say and that will make their behavior worse. For me, I would never threaten to hit my child, as I wouldn't follow through.

As for a social taboo, of course it is! You are intentionally inflicting pain on your child so he doesn't fall out of the trolley and inflict pain on himself. Sorry, that just seems so odd to me.
Each to their own
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