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Those who use vanilla essence in cleaning... Lock Rss

Can you use the cheapo imitation stuff or does it have to be the real deal?


Hi Kathryn Rose, using imitation vanilla essence is fine and does exactly the same job and it is much cheaper than using the real vanilla essence,i bought a plastic spray bottle and put the whole bottle of imitation vanilla essence in it and topped it up with water shake well ,use it in the fridge to get out smells or wipe out the washing machine etc this will keep for a long time and again is so much cheaper than the one you by in the cleaning goods section at the supermarket.Good luck hope you find this tip helpful.

Two Little Spunkettes To Love...

hi kathryn i find that the cheapo immatation ess is stick!!!

i found a recipe to make your own cheaper and its the real deal to!!!

vodka in a bottle and a vanilla pod scrap out vanilla ghew and put inot vodka leave in panrty for 6-8wks and done

mmmm... I like the vanilla vodka idea!

You could clean with it, and have a nip or two after the kids are in bed! lmao

Hi Kathryn, Know what, there is time that I also use imitation vanilla essence and I found it, it does just the same with the original vanilla essence and it is much cheaper than the real one.

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