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Hi there,

Does anyone know how to clean the inside of your kettle.

I thought it was something like add lemon juice and water and let it boil as normal or something like that.

Any dieas?
Hey! There is a post a few doors down called vinegar, what do you use it for (or something on the lines like that lol). There is a great tip on cleaning kettles. Hope that helps!
cut a lemon in half and boil in the kettle. Sometimes you need to do this a couple of times before it cleans the kettle out.

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Thanks for the tips
I add one cup of vinegar, then fill rest of the way with water. Then boil comes out nice and clean first time. Wash out with just water after woods
I agree with the vinegar. It works like a charm.

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I tried the vinegar and I still have black stuff through my kettle and on my filter from the water. It won't come off the filter and won't come off the kettle just by rubbing. Might have to try the lemon next.

Are there any more tips incase the lemon doesn't work?

Does everyone get the black stuff from their water or do I have bad water??

hi there....
I agree about the lemon...cut up a lemon in quarters and throw them into the kettle, fill up with water and boil..then rinse out.It should come up like new if not do it again.
I do it all the time and it works great.

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