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Can anybody please help? I need help organising my housework routine. I have tried to stick to one but go distracted, went away etc and now things are out of control.

Could you please let me know what your housecleaning schedules/routines are? We are thinking about having no. 2 soon, so what to get the house into order before this happens.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated as the housework is starting to cause problems with DH and I.



you could try just attacking one room each day - a little bit each day will reduce the overall maintenance time.

Personally I have not tried this as I am just a bit lazy, but my friend does this and it works for her.

My other friend gave up this idea and they have a cleaner once a fortnight.
Depending how old your child is, when i want to do the big spring clean i tell my husband he has to take my daughter out for a couple of hours and to maintain the house i do it when she is asleep
have a look at fly lady.

you may not want to follow all the crap she does but it does have a few good ideas like 15 min timer
clean as much as you can in the room then rest for 5 min. have a bucket to put things in that don't belong there, a rubbish bag for rubbish and don't walk back and forwards from rooms stay in that one. I do this once a day on all my rooms and it keeps it tidy. oh and the more you do it the less you have to do. great way of getting kids involved too make it a game to beat the timer.

Posted by: IrOn_ButteRflY
have a look at fly lady.

I love this smile, i get my 10yr old DD and 2 and half SS to help for 15 mins in the morn to clean there rooms - just need to work it with rest of the house now lol

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Yes check out the Fly Lady website - it isn't for everyone but she does have some very helpful ideas
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