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What cycle do u use on washing machine Lock Rss

I have a front loader that I can do half loads with, a quick wash, I can also drop or add rinse cycles, change temp really change everything but I have noticed alot of friends wash on the longes cycles with everything, I use the quick wash for not dirty clothes it goes for 30mins everthing else I do on a synthetic cycle 1hr15mins & have found my clothes are just as clean as theirs are but have noticed that mine last longer as well they dont get that real washed look.

So what cycle do u wash on? What detergent do u use? Is there anything wrong with doing the quick wash.

We also live on a farm so have to watch how much water we use as we only have rain water.
I have a front loader too, sounds similar to yours. I only ever use the 30 minute quick wash for everything! When we first got it I did a load of towels or sheets or something on the "cotton" setting (i think), but thought they turned out exactly the same as on the quick wash, so have stuck with it.

Saves time too. I use Purity sensitive washing liquid for all our clothes, and it seems to do ok.
Yeah i do most things on 30 min cycle except for DH clothes & i do them on the 1hr one only cause its grease & dirt. I only ever u the cycle for sheets if kids have been sick on them rest of time i do quick wash. Do u find ur clothes pill less doing the quick wash? My friend & i brought pj's for kids at same time & hers are all horrible now but mine still look brand new, & i still think its from the wash.

I have a samsung 7.5kg what about u?
I u omo matic as I can buy it in a 15kg box on special for $34-39 & I do at lease 3 loads a day.
I have an lg front loader and I use a big box of washing detergetn from big w that you can buy 10kg for like $20.00. I only ever put a very small amount in on the quick wash say a shirt and shorts cos in my book it actually states a quick 30 wash is for small washes upto 2.5kgs of weight. Cos i think it can burn your motor out.

I dont want to wreck my new washing machine. Best ring a local machine repairer or the company your machine is from and ask. Or reread your books. It could be mine only though.
With some machines warranty is voided if you use the 30 min wash a lot.. as they say it can ruin your machine. In saying that though i use the 30 min wash a lot but do DH's work clothes and heavily soiled or really large heavy loads on the long wash.
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