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who owners a dishwasher ? Lock Rss

i am askign because my near 80 year old grandmother proceeded to tell me how lazy i was thinking about buying a dishwasher. I want a dishwasher because i spend alot of time wahsing dishes.

She said back in her day she had more children than i did and she managed fine without one and how lazy i was being wanting a dishwasher.

so do you have a dishwasher?
Yep and i love it more than i love my husband. makes life sooo easy!

Yep, got one last week and I don't care if it makes me lazy. I love it and they are the best invention! I hate washing up!
Back in her parents day they probably didn't have a washing machine! Bet she has one.

I have a dishwasher and love it, I'm far from lazy. Technology is here to make our lives easier. Don't worry about it.
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LOL, I love it when the older generation gets in a tizz about our mod cons!!

Yep I have a dishwasher, I've had one for about 2.5 years and yes I am rather fond of it! although i still wash up at least once a day because I don't put my pots and pans in it.

I want to also point out that we have very hectic lives these days, juggling our work lives with famuly life and I guarantee that if dish washers were available in your grandmothers day, she would probably want one too lol

yeah i have one, and i LOVE it lol lol

Yes and I love it! The door broke on it yesterday and I nearly cried, lol. I hate washing up and I honestly think the dishes etc are much cleaner and therefore much more hygenic when washed in one.

My mum couldn't understand why I got one but as I said to her, do you take your clothes down to the stream and bash them on a rock, hmmmm, I think not! LOL.....
Hell yes!!! I would rather cut off my arms than have no dishwasher!!

Gotta love the older generation, they walked to school in the snow in barefeet, washed dishes and clothes by hand and had no TV, good on them!!!! Doesn't make what they did right, just different smile
I don't have one, honestly they don't interest me but I don't think it's being lazy lol. I don't mind washing up but I know some people can't stand it! But I mean you still have to scrape dishes and load it then unload it so it's not completely lazy lol

i have a dishwashing machine, to be honest though i have never used it lol.. i always wash up as i go..

Of course she managed fine without one. She had no choice!

We got one about 5 years ago and I wouldnt go back to not having one.

I love it! A must have for every kitchen I say
Hubby said to me when grace was born that i could either have a dishwasher or an eternity ring....I chose the dishwasher hands down !! LOL LOL LOL

Tell youe Grandy that we used to keep our meat pickled in a meat safe but now we have fridges or would she like you to throw that away also ?? lol lol ...and washing machines ..does she own one of these or does she still use the old wringer ??? if she does have a washing machine watch her find the answer then is called pregress Nan cant stop it so if you cant beat them join em !! lol lol lol
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