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I'll shortly be in the market for a new fridge, freezer, oven, hotplates & (most importantly) a DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any brands that you'd recommend, or tell me to avoid? There are so many different brands, its hard to narrow my choices down.

the best dishwasher is a bosh I have one it is the best does very thing and does not need to be cleaned very often.

Stay away from Baumatic ovens they take for ever to get an even temp. and they don't do roasts very well.
coming from a background in insurance, the most reliable brand is Whirlpool
Steer clear of european brands A. their expensive to fix parts wise B. no repairers unless your in a metro area.

You do get what you pay for so if you buy cheap dont expect it to last long and most of the time the companies have collapsed just when you need it fixed and your then left with unrepairable items but in saying that the most expensive brands can be cause more hassel than their worth

Electrolux branded items i.e simpson, westinghouse , dishlex are ok , plenty of repairers and parts are easy to get ahold of if need be.

oh and LG are good too whitegoods wise incl microwaves, their electronics (tv's,dvd's ect) i wouldnt bother with

Dont buy sharp microwaves. you'll need the display replaced in it in no time no matter what model you buy.

Hope this helps

We have a bosch diswasher and it is great - it also had the highest rating and best service warranty as well as best performance reviews. We put rinse aid through about once a month and I wash all my pots and pans and slow cooker bowl in it and I never rinse a thing, we also do bottles and dummies as well.

We have an LG steam washer/dryer combo and never again will we get one of those. Even if your clothes are just damp the machine takes 3 hours to dry them but then it has to go on a cool down cycle to get rid of the left over moisture and we always have to air anything dried in it as it still feels damp - they use water to dry by condesation some how.

When we were looking we were told by many sales people as well as plumbers (when we were looking for a dishwasher) to stay away from Fisher and Pykel as they are crap and break down quickly and generally do not do a good job in any appliance they are made in.

I have a westinghouse fan forced oven and it is great.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I really appreciate it!
i love my dishwasher it is a fisher and paykel the two draw one it is fantastic it is big enough for 3 adults and a baby when it was just the two of us i used to fill one draw and now i fill one and a half sometimes 2 (depends on what we have for dinner etc). The only thing to remember is don't use one draw all the time ultinate iykwim


I highly recommend Miele if you can afford it. They are a german grand and desgigned to last for a very long time. I have had no trouble with my Miele products and have found that their after care has been wonderful.

If I couldn't afford Miele, I would go for Bosch for the same reasons.

Have fun with your new products when you get them. smile

Don't go with Sharp they are rubbish. We have had 3 microwaves and all of them have had the display break within 12 months. It costs the same to repair as buying a new one as it is not covered by the warranty!

LG are fab as far as TV's (we have had 3 of them and still going strong). We also have a DVD Recorder by LG and it has been great too.

We have an Electrolux front loader and it is ok. I don't know if it is the brand or just the fact I am used to top loader's, but I am not as happy with it as I thought I would be. I hate how long it takes to wash things - particularly on hot wash or warm. I also don't like that the clothes come out stiff and a lot of the time stains don't come out even though I am using the same stuff I used with my top loader (just in the 'front loader' variety). My el cheapo LG top loader was GREAT!

My mum and sister have Miele and Bosche washer/dryer combos and rave about them. My mum has a SMEG dishwasher she loves and my sis has a Miele one and loves it too. We have a cheap LG one and I can't fault it but then again I have never had a dishwasher before buying this house!

I know NOTHING about ovens sorry LOL.... ditto for cooker tops!
Oh I just thought I should say I know you weren't looking for TV's and washer/dryers etc but just thought I'd let you know the brand is reliable etc... sorry I hope that made sense??!!

We have a Westinghouse fridge/freezer which my mum and dad bought around 15 years ago and then gave to us when they moved States. It is a fantastic unit and still going strong all these years later! The only thing is the globe in it blows all the time and to buy it from Westinghouse costs around $75. DH bought a similar looking one from Coles for a few bucks and it works so we wont be spending $75 anymore LOL..
I'll ask my housekeeper when she gets in and will get back to you.
We have mostly LG and have always been happy with it. smile
When we did our Kitchen reno in our first house we got a Bosh dishwasher and it was great! I cant remeber the oven brand but it was an Italian brand real nice and pretty! A big 900mm one. We also had a big stainless steel microwave that was LG very nice but also had a price tag to go with it LOL!

The fridge we have now is an LG and never had a problem with it!

But i also agree wiht KSB2D0 DO NOT get an LG washer dryer combo they are CRAP CRAP CRAP we too brought one of them for our first house and the cycles including the dry cycle takes ages!!

Happy shopping!
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