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Who Checks ... Lock Rss

their partners/husbands pant pockets before they do the washing?

I don't. I am not his mother and figure if he is to throw clothes in the dirty washing pile to wash than he has emptied his pockets.

... seems DH doesn't empty his pockets tho and his mobile phone went through the wash.

So What has your washing machine wrecked??
I am like you - if he didn't check his pockets, I'm not going to either! We have wrecked about 4 mobiles, and more recently DH's iPod Touch (Father's Day pressie) also went through. Grrrrrrr.
Crikey!! 4 phones you poor thing!!!!

I feel like I have to check everything now as it was an expensive mistake LOL - and when I am trying to get a quick load of washing on it defeats the purpose if I have to check every pocket of every thing I throw in
i never check his pockets and the amount of times a tissue or piece of paper has gone through the wash and stuck onto everything you would think that i WOULD start checking. but no cos it is the whole principal of the thing...
I don't check either. DH is usually pretty good about it though. We've had mostly ear plugs go thru, probably cos they're so small and light he can't feel them in there. Also had a full packet of chewing gum, and the odd few coins.
DH is usually pretty good but there are weeks where he forgets and leaves bills and important paperwork from work in his pockets and it gets washed.

Makes me soooo cranky, I hate the clean up lol lol lol

LOL yes I get earplugs too! And money, but finders keepers wink.

Yes, 4 mobiles, *sigh* I just get a cheap $100 prepaid for him from the post office now, no more fancy ones as it's just too damn expensive. It only happened last week, I had a bit of a giggle as the only phone available at the shop was pink smile Hehehe.
I do but only because DF always has tissues in his pockets and it drives me crazy when I have to re wash because of tissues. Mum washed dads wallet once... he was not impressed!!!
Nope i never check, mostly case i never remember too. They have all learnt, mostly in expensive ways.... DH had his wallet and spare car keys washed, DD1 had her school gig stick washed, luckly it worked again or she would have lost all her homework that was on it.


Otherwise God knows what will end up through the wash! Phones, keys, paper, pens, everything!

And best part is and money left in the pockets becomes the washing ladies!

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Nope i dont check his pockets, the only things i ever have go thru the machine are ear plugs and builders pencils! Boring! If he carried cash on him i would be checking them though lol finders keepers!
I do. As much as I agree with all the previous posts ie. not his mother, his responsibility and all, I don't want to waste our money on replacing things like phones and the car keys (you know the electronic clicker things that couldn't get washed and survive)!!! I could do FAR better things with the, clothes, meals out, holidays.... smile

So I just roll my eyes and check smile

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