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Who Checks ... Lock Rss

Hubby normally check his pockets and i check to make sure they are empty.
I only wrecked my things like leaving tissues in pockets.

i dont check either but i am a little bit sneaky LOL

if he leaves money in his pockets and i find it in the bottom of the washing machine, it becomes mine LOL

i once pocketed $50 and he never realised. i told him i found it and i said if he doesnt want to lose anymore he better start checking. i figure its my tip for doing his laundry LMAO
i'm not a checker!

DH is an electrician and i am constantly finding screws, drill bits and the like at the bottom of the machine.

i've recently ruined a new packet of his cigarettes! he was mighty pissed and it took forever to pick out all the tobacco and filters!!!!

oh, and i keep the money too!
i check, because i would rather do that than spend 3 times as long picking bits of tissue of all of the clothes when there is a tissue in one of the pockets!

DH takes all his phone and important bits out when he gets home. Yet he always manages to leave earplugs, coins and toothpicks in there! I prefer it when he works FIFO, I never have to do his work clothes then!!

I always check although sometimes I've washed up tissues and the occasional nappy :S that has been thrown in lol (gross I know).

Never washed a phone, don't usually have them in pockets but family members have

DS 06 & DD 08

I always always check, and I hate it. Agree with PP's, money becomes the property of the washing person! DP works with horses so he carries around horseshoe nails, sometimes ear and eye medication, all sorts of weird and random stuff that I prefer not to go whizzing through the washing machine! But i do hate it.

What's worse? When he rolls his socks into a ball before putting them in the washing....I WILL not unroll them ew disgusting yuck.
I don't check pockets.. but lucky DH doesn't leave anything in them.
I know my mum doesn't check pockets and about 4/5 of dad's phones have been through, his wallet has been washed numerous times, little radios etc... He never takes anything out.

I always check his pants pockets, but never thought to check his shirt pockets, as he usually empties it as soon as he gets home... but have (in the past few months) washed his notebook, a cigarette, his work key, and his pen. So have to remind myself to check the shirt pockets too!

LOL Ohhhhh yes, this thread speaks to me on a very personal level lol. My husband's pockets have always been a point of contention here.

He has never left a phone or anything really expensive in them, but pretty much every wash there is something. Pens usually, earplugs almost always, and sometimes (when I'm lucky) money. I always keep the money too hehe.

One day, I washed his favourite pen, which got ruined and also ruined the shirt it was in, and he had the AUDACITY to tell me it was my fault for not checking his pockets!! I told him at great length what I thought of that. And how bout I just stop washing his work clothes altogether and let him take responsibility for his own dirt for a change. Lol. I love him dearly and he is wonderful in other ways but not where housework is concerned.

Funnily enough, we have not had any pens go through the wash since then...
Nope - never check, usually can't be bothered. Never had anything expensive go through (except cash - glad we have plastic money!) but my partner is a tiler, and I used to open the washing machine to find it filled with hundreds of wedges and crosses (little plastic things that keep the tiles in place)! But haven't had it happen since I started making him clean it up lol.

i check now after sending so many bits of paper through grrr i hate that white stuff on everything.

An a friend of mine found $200 in her hubbies pocket he still doesn't know (that was over a year ago lol)


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