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cleaning routine? Lock Rss

a pointless thread but im curious. whats yours?

i do the big clean every friday
stip, wash, dry and put the bedding back on the beds.
clean bathroom, loo and laundry.
vaccum and mop floors
clean down lounges.

on monday i
clean bathroom, loo and laundry again
clean down lounges
vaccum and mop

every day jobs
clean the kitchen 2-3 times a day
vaccum every afternoon
mop (only every second day now as i have been banned from doing it every day, but im coping)

i clean the loo when it needs it and spot clean the lounges and carpets when they need it.

and washing washing washing every day.
I do my best NOT to clean.

I certainly don't have a set routine!
If it's looking scrubby, I might clean it.
If it's looking ok, it can wait a while.. LOL
My routine is, I clean and then THEY mess, I clean, THEY mess, I clean, THEY mess. This is only on the days that end in Y. hehe
Send out invites for party.
Write long list of cleaning activities that need to be done.
Procrastinate until day before party.
Stay up all night cleaning.
Wake up tired and cranky ready for party.
Enjoy clean house for 30seconds before guests arrive...
I am very very bad, I don't have a routine but really should. When I do, it works for a few days or week or 2.I am always getting into trouble from dh lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

* Change bedding, wash & dry them once a fortnight on a weekend.

* Towels & tea towels changed and washed every weekend.

* Majority of clothes washing get's done on either Saturday or Sunday, i might do one or two odd loads throughout the week.

* Vacuuming, mopping, bathrooms & toilets get done either Tuesday or Wednesday but i should vac every day/2nd day.

* Kitchen & dishes 2-3 times a day.

What i really need to do is get rid of my boys for a weekend and give the whole a house a thorough going over - clean windows, walls, carpet/lounge etc.

This is my daily routine

*Do breakfast dishes and bottles from overnight
*Prepare bottle for the day

Throughout day (when needed):
*Cleaning (bathroom, toilet)

*Do dishes from lunch, dinner and bottles from during the day
*Prepare bottles for the night

I like this routine, seems to keep the house always looking clean and I get alot of free time to whatever I please.

Monday-bathroom and toilet and floors
Tuesday-wash and dusting
Wednesday-shopping and swimming
Thursday-washing,tidying up
Friday-washing and floors and mopping floors and ironing.
I don't stick to the routine but i try and do most things on a monday.
Everyday-tidy up toys.

Mine is:
Monday-washing, bathroom and toilet
Tuesday- mop floors, and tidy up, put washing away.
Wednesday- washing,
Thursday- tidy up (tend to have a slow day thursday)
Friday- wash sheets, towels, tidy all bedrooms, wash clothes, mop floors.

I also do the everyday things like vacuuming, sweeping, clean kitchen etc..

Our cleaner comes in on a Thursday and the house needs to be pretty tidy for her so everything gets done then.
Full vaccum
All tiles mopped

Dishes and washing as required.
General tidy up every evening.
I bought a dust buster to spot vacum (got tired of pulling out main vac all the time)
Spot clean tiles etc as required

Bedrooms are kept fairly tidy and most toys are out in the from lounge which is gated off. They live in here though can often be found dotted around.
Beds get stripped and sheets washed usually every week depending on which day has sunny weather - do sheets and towels at same time cos they go out on the main line - although towels can go on airing racks if need be (I don't own a dryer)

Lol this is all recent also, I put it in place thanks to nesting haha. I'm usually a bit of a slob and procrastinate about housework.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I wash clothes every night before I start dinner and they go in the dryer after we have eaten...I know lazy bit it works for us hehe. Teatowels are done every night too...I hate them sitting around and ending up smelly. Towels are done every 3-4 days depending on how often they wernt hung up resulting in them getting a bit smelly. Sheets are done weekly mostly on a friday they go out on the line as do towels. I use the swivel sweeper every night on the lino.
Saturdays are my biggest cleaning day and the older kids do help we vacume the whole house, mop and do the bathroom and once a month the walls and windowsills get wiped down too.
THe older kids do the dishes every night and on a monday I give the kitchen a good wiping down, The older two kids also do the folding and put the kids clothes away. Dusting gets done when I notice any dust around and thats it. THings stay clean and tidy most of the time.

Cheers Ness

cleaning??? Whats that???

Dont have a routine atm, but def need to develop one smile, or have visitors more often, then the house is tidier. LOL. but to behonest i think i've resigned myself to living in a cluttered mess til boys go to school, and then i'll prob give up til they leave home. But i def would love a few hours with them outta the house to be able to sort out the dump room and prob make a killing off ebay:)

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