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Clean freak or OCD? Lock Rss

We have always joked I am OCD about cleaning, but DH actually thinks I am becoming worse about it lately

He pointed out to me I can't relax unless the house is tidy and clean and I have to have at least my kitchen and floors tidy and cleaned if anyone is coming over (pop-in visits make me anxious obviously lol). I carry a hand sanitiser around with me . We stayed in a unit on the weekend and I wouldn't lie on the couch unless I put a towel down first (it stunk like it hadn't been drycleaned in years sad), I wear thongs in any shower other than my own, I won't use a hotel's doona, blanket or pillow. I have a thing about eating anything that has come out of a dirty fridge unsure But then I am not an al about detailed cleaning at all (eg architraves, dust etc)

So can anyone else relate or is DH right, am I seriously becoming OCD?? mellow
lmao Jo, you certainly are "quirky" lol tongue , my house is usually clean, but always looks messy as we are still building!! Boxes are still packed, we have no room for things either grrr.
I am anal when we go out to eat, I always clean the table, before we eat, even the kids are in the habit of doing it lol, it may have been cleaned prior, but with what? a filthy cloth just spreading germs and food remains ewww
I have to iron clothes, I hate not having my clothes ironed, but hate ironing lol.
I wish I were more of a clean freak though, but laziness sometimes steps in

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LOL my DH says I am a little OCD as well.

I absolutely have to have a clean kitchen. I do the dishes after each main meal lol and when I cook/bake I clean as I go and even have a sink of dish water so I can wash up measuring cups/bowls as I go.

I also need to have a clean floor especially when people come around. I always do a quick run around to make sure everything is tidy as well. I also make the kids clean up as they play lol I hate, hate, hate having toys everywhere. Their toys are all sorted into containers as well (one of those stands with the cloth baskets).

I really don't like clutter.
Lol, you'd hate my place. I try to keep things tidy and clean but I fail on a regular basis. I figure Meh, my kids are loved, fed and have clean clothes - the rest will get done when I get it done smile

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lol Missfit, see the thing is when I go to friend's houses I don't even care what their place looks like - just my own mellow

LOL Naomi, well I will tell DH that one cause having to clean the table before I eat at a restaurant is something I DON'T worry about hehe

aastaria I am the same as you with the sink full of water so I can wash up as I go wink But then while I am anal about fridges you should see the state of my oven!!! I figure it works at such high temperatures and my food is in a separate dish while cooking that a clean oven doesn't matter so much! see I am a bit hit and miss with my anal-ness aren't I which is my argument to DH laugh
I am forever being told that I have OCD!

I love a clean house.
Cushions lined up on the couch,floor may straight,everything lined up on the entertainment unit,tables,bedside tables etc.
Everything in the pantry lined up and in order of tins,bottles,boxes.

Heaps of people when they come over ask me if I have had a big clean up but my house is seriously always like that!
Even the toy room is relatively clean most of the time.

Crazy I know.....

He he he - I understand!! Though I'm not quite as anal or OCD as you maybe! I can't relax until the house is spotless - DH HATES this with a passion!! I'm definately the same about the kitchen & the floors, though I've kind of given up on the lounge room - that's where DS' toys are. I do wear thongs in showers, unless I know the person & like their cleanliness (that sounds really snobbish - oops!) The other stuff I can let slide, BUT I am completely anal about detailed cleaning!! Go figure wink

Yep i get told quite often i'm too much of a neat/germ freak. I've got a set routine in the morning where i make the beds clean the toilets and bathroom everyday, clean the kitchen and i wash the floors about 3 times a week. I ALWAYS carry hand sanitiser with me. But i dont care about things like dusting and ironing. Oh yeh and i wont go bare foot in a shower which isnt my own lol. Geez after reading that back i dont sound too good do i lol lol
i was right there with you for the house stuff and not being able to sit down and relax until it was tidy etc but you lost me after the hand sanitiser and thongs in the shower. may be a little OCD tongue

eta - that i do colour co-ordinate my wardrobe and have pants on the bottom rail and tops on the top rail.
These are great laugh

thanks for sharing them!

Definitely shows I'm not as bad as I feared tongue seems like a woman thing to have these quirky traits ?!? Lol
Id like to think that I sit on the fence on this one.... well since I had my son 2 years ago anyway.

Before he was born I was a bit of a cleanning freak, to the extent that the people we had renting with us moved out! lol

I colour co-ordinate all my clothes in wardrobes and drawers, all my cupboards and shelves are labelled an I will wipe my kitchen bench as many times neccessary to be completely streak free. I put that down to organising rather than being a ocd clean freak because I mean, when you have small becomes almost pointless cleaning anything!

i think my problem is that i THINK my house is not clean or tidy enough when really there is nothing wrong with it.
i mostly feel like quite a failure in the housewife/domestic duties area but its not because i dont do it, but because no matter how much i do it it never looks good enough for my high standards.
And these standards are held only about myself and my house - its never even occurred to me to take tabs on my friends/relatives tidiness or cleaning habits.

for example tonight after DD went to bed i have just cleaned my kitchen, downstairs toilet, put a load of washing on, vacuumed and mopped and cleaned the toy room. Yet to me, it still looks like it could use another go over.

So i think IM crazy lol
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