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Clean freak or OCD? Lock Rss

I would say i'm a clean freak but not to the extent of wearing thongs in showers lol I feel the same when you can't relax until everything is clean i just see it as if i don't do it now i will have to deal with it in the morning.

And i relax better or else i'm sitting there thinking about it.
I have certain times of the day i go around and clean. And if i see say rubbish on the way to the bin i pick it up. Women can be very efficient but your ultra efficient. blink
I do have a disorder related to OCD and get anxious about a messy house but my house is very messy ATM. I am working, studying full time on campus and have a 3 year old and almost 4 month old. When I have a few spare minutes i'm on here or FB whilst expressing milk so I don't really get much of a chance to clean other than the general tidying, washing, dishes etc...
Im not a neat freak by any means but i HAVE to have clean carpet, I vacuum twice a day most days smile

How often do I clean? Not unless I have too, if visitors are coming or I have to clear a path to make it to the kitchen! If anyone with OCD out there needs to let off a little steam, feel free to come and clean my place for me!
sounds like you are more 'hygienic' than a clean freak smile
after seeing dh's aunty's house on the weekend i am cleaning more then i ever have since being home. blink

i''''m baking a baby

The main difference between being excessively clean freak and suffering OCD, is than in this one, the patient has intrusive thoughts. That means than the person tries to escape from this thoughts, to make them disappear from their mind, but they come back over and over. And the cleaning obsessions are just one kind of the high number of obsessions than one can have, like for example the need to check than the doors and windows are correctly closed, the objects have to be in certain location and certain orientation, and so on. If you need to know if you are a clean freak or a Obsessive Compulsive patient, I recommend you to visit this page about OCD:
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