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Mold on the walls Rss

We are in a rental and there seems to be a mold issue building up.

Its starting to form on the walls in my DS's bedroom, and on the room in our room and slowing building up in other areas.

The real state is coming on friday to have a look but what can i do to reduce or get rid of it.

I have a steam cleaner and was wondering if using that would help?

Any suggestions.

Thanks. smile
Sugar Soap works really good.
Steam will make it worse. I cleaned our roofs yesterday with sugar soap and in the bathroom I use bleach. But you can use vinegar. If you dont want it to come back put a bit of clove (of something I will look it up give me a min lol) in the water and it will stop it from coming back smile

Vinegar to clean it off , then diluted clove oil to stop/reduce it coming back.
you can buy Oil of Cloves from the chemist - good for toothache too apparently tongue

Vinegar to clean it off , then diluted clove oil to stop/reduce it coming back.

Where would I buy clove oil from??

Where would I buy clove oil from??

see above smile - not sure where else tho

see above smile - not sure where else tho

Thanks for that,

You have to wonder about some of these products that fix anything from a toothache to preventing mold, hmmmm. Must be some powerful stuff.
Vinegar is the best method of ridding mould as it kills the spores not just removes what you can see. (1 part vinegar to 1 part water or pure if the problem is really bad). If you have a really bad issue with mould (my house was filled with it and we could smell it but couldnt find it and have since had a daily battle with it) Clove oil is really good, but this CANT be used during pregnancy.

Heating is the only thing I have found that is stopping the mould, we have had a heat pump put in and if we run it everyday all day and night we have the mould at bay. It all depends on what the cause is of the mould (condensation build up/moisture).

Good luck and I hope the real estate fixes it for you. You need to remind them that mould is dangerous and can cause harm to your families health.
Make sure you take photo's before you remove it. Also write out all other details regarding it. i.e when you first noticed it, how quickly it emerged etc and also note the date you spoke to your Landlord and their response. Also take note of what your Landlord says on the day they visit.
Mould is a serious health issue and some Landlords will ignore it or try to make you liable. It is almost always unlikely to be the tenants fault (except in bathrooms) and it is very costly to remove permanently. (Painting over mould will not get rid of it, DO NOT accept this as a solution if the Landlord offers it)
Also may pay to have a look at your furniture. My sister had the same problem and her nearly new timber bed collapsed because of mould damage.

i had this in my first home- I bought "damp rid" form teh supermarket and placed them in each room, , this seems to work and cleaning with vinegar too
Exit Mould or Bleach

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