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I don't get it either! But then I only have a 3.5 year old and 11 month old!

DS1 KNOWS he's not allowed in the kitchen area, so doesn't bother me when I do the dishes, he will also happily play with DS2 in the lounge or I do them when DS2 is having his bottle.

Washing there is no problems, I hang them inside though as the weather of late has been horrid! I fold them as I take them off the clothes horses then put them away.

Vacuming gets done at any time when the kids are awake, I get DS1 to play in his room and DS2 just watches me.

All other cleaning gets done pretty much the same way lol Sometimes DS2 follows me around wanting to be picked up I either just let him follow me and talk to him or pick him up and plonk him in the lounge with his toys and get his brother generally plays with him and keeps him happy.

I would hate to be doing house work of a night, that is my time with kids and DP (just DP when the kids are in bed) to relax and muck around- I make sure everything (not so much washing) is done in the morning! This also is a huge plus for when we get those lovely unexpected visitors!
because of the 'help' DS1 gives me, it is much less of a stress to do it without kids underfoot. And now DS2 is going through a clingy stage I cant do anything unless he is right with me!

Its a choice, if I want an evening to myself, I just put up with the mess

Ergh. Night time for me is for relaxing not housework!
I tend to do all my housework in the morning so I have the rest of the day to spend with the girls & I just tidy up as I go. When DD2 is being a tad difficult I put her in her Bumbo seat on the bench next to the sink so I can do the dishes etc..
And like someone else posted, I can cook a meal & various other things with a baby on my hip-now thats talent cool Hahaha!
You just find what works for you best & stick to it!

I totally agree night time for me is relaxing not for cleaning, I have 2 boys 17 months apart and have never found it a problem to do the house work and then I still have alot of time to play with the boys. Oh and I also refuse to do house work while they are having a nap, that is my time to sit and do nothing
i do NOT do it at night.
My kids are 3 and 5
I rarely get washing in or out without either a helper or some yelling and screaming that needs attending to.
I can now vacuum usually without interference but often with interruption.
I can NOT mop while they are awake in the house because they will want to help!
Very occasionally I will sweep in the evening if I didn't manage to vacuum and it needs it.
I can NOT tidy while they are here (to the point that I could vacuum) because they will simply follow me round and make a mess.
I have one kid free day a week and I often to a big tidy and vacuum and mop.

My first DD used to only sleep for 45min in the day and that was not enough time to get anything done. I would have lunch and she'd be awake!
I haven't read anyone else responses. I don't get mine done because the kids are either under my feet or they are demanding my attention and I like a 20 minute job to get done in 20 minutes not 4 hours... Also, I like to keep a keen eye on them, whilst our house is reasonably child safe they still insist on touching stuff that is not theirs.... grrr... Also, I like to play alongside them or watch them play and appreciate the way they learn and do things.

It takes me about 2 hours to get to bed after they have gone down for the night. Things like vacuuming the floor, cleaning up from dinner, filling and emptying the dishwasher all take time. Plus, I WILL NOT iron when the kids are up.... so.... that means I have to do it at night as my daughter hasn't had day naps for ages and my son has them rarely.

Is OVER rude people

I have worked out a wee routine that works wonders.
i have one chils and one on the way but for 2 .5 days a week i also care for my niece (i job share with my sister) who is 3.5.

morning while kids are having breakfast i unpack the dishwasher from the night before and put on a load of washing. then lunch time while the kids are having lunch i pack up the dishes and put on another load of washing. Then DD (2 1/4) goes down for a nap and me and my niece go out and hang out the washing she just mucks about.
I then normally play games with my niece untill dd wakes up about 3 we play for a bit then @ 4pm the t.v goes on or playdough comes out and it is my time for housework/ get tea on.
After dinner my husband does the rest of the dishes etc.
after 7pm is my time/ time with hubby.
once a week I do the bathroom for this i stick the kids in the bath and clean toilet shower basin etc (reasonably small bathroom so am right there for the kids) i then whip them out the bath and give the bath a quick go over.

This has worked for me over the past yr.

I totally agree night time for me is relaxing not for cleaning, I have 2 boys 17 months apart and have never found it a problem to do the house work and then I still have alot of time to play with the boys. Oh and I also refuse to do house work while they are having a nap, that is my time to sit and do nothing

Well good for you.
my son is happy to play by him self so its easy to do house work and all our laundy stuff is inside.

cant imagine doing it at night argh that would drive me nuts, night is for relaxing and spending time with DP smile

also DP will do whatever isnt done if i dont finish everything, but we are very relaxed about house work around here anyway.
I don't know if its me just being a perfectionist (sp) and having to have my washing neat laugh tongue but as i pull the washing out of the machine it goes in order, like DP pants my pants, DP Shirts then my shirts and as i take it off the line i fold it..and i wash DD clothes seperatly...but mind you i only have 1 baby and i can do the washing when she is sleeping..but the rest of the housework gets left to the weekend when DP is home smile
I also manage to get most things done during the days as well and my kids are 4,3 and 1. In the morning while they are eating breakfast I will chuck a load of washing on and then unload the dishwasher. Sometimes DD2 likes to help so I give her the plastic cups and she puts them away for me.

DD1 makes her bed and tidies up her room, and I do a quick Vacumn of the house. washing gets folded at the kitchen table and put straight away, the kids are usually playing or chatting to me while I'm doing it.

DD2 has a sleep after lunch and this is when I hang the washing out that I have done throughout the morning, some days it can be 3 loads.

After dinner the kids have a bath, they all take there dirty clothes into the laundry and while they are in the bath I give the bathroom a quick clean. Dinner gets prepared of a morning, the kids like to help me I chop the veggies and they put them into the slow cooker etc. We also cook things for DP to take to work, cakes, slices etc. I just try to get them invloved as much as I can in what I am doing, the last thing I want to be doing of a night once they have gone to bed is be up cleaning the house!
BTW....DH and I have great quality time together after the girls have gone down at night.

I might be folding and sorting the washing while he does the ironing but the TV is off and we have some great conversations and "us time".

I much prefer to go to bed with a clean house and wake up with a clean house than be trying to get it done through the day.
I do most things when they are awake, except folding washing, which i do of a night when they are in bed, coz they unfold as quick as i fold! And the mopping which i do twice a week whewn they are at daycare, or if it needs doing when they are in the bath or in bed.

I do the vacuming and the washing while they are playing or drawing, whenever really. I give them a rag each and they 'dust' and 'clean' their toy room while I do the rest of the dusting and the bathrooms.

Dishes I do as I go while cooking, and after each meal (without a dishwasher).

I go over the house from top to bottom twice a week when they are at daycare, but the place is kept tidy, so it doesnt really take that long anyway.

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