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Once DS is in bed, that's MY time to relax with a cuppa & a book, or some computer time. He is pertty easygoing when it comes to me cleaning though, he's happy to play by himself. He'll follow me around - when I'm putting on washing/hanging out etc, he'll ride his bike or play other outside stuff. When I'm vacuuming, he plays in another room, or puts a dvd on for himself <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> or sometimes just follows me around making vacuum noises lol.
I mop us out of the house & we go downstairs for awhile. He plays, I take a break with a cuppa while it dries (and do some more washing! smile)

For the bathroom, well it's a 2 min job to clean a loo & wipe the basin smile I run the mop over the bathtub while I'm filling the bucket to do the floors.

I fold washing as I take it off the line, andorganise it as I put it in the basket, ie all DS clothes sorted into shirts, pants, undies, etc, then mine sorted the same way, with stuff to be hung up on top. It then takes 5 mins to pop everything away when we go inside.
WOW, all I can say after reading this is I am glad my kids play on their own a lot!!! I feel a bit neglectful but honestly my kids have always played together and entertained each othr, don't get me wrong I still spend time with them through the day but I am able to sneak for 5mins here and there and will do washing, clean, vac et whilst they are playing, even yesterday I asked DD1 if she wanted to help bake and she said nah too busy playing!! LOL....

I usually pop a load of washing on as I go to bed (the only housework I do of a night) if I get up before the kids I peg it out 1st thing, otherwise I can see them from the line whilst they eat brekky so I will run out peg it out and pop another load on whilst they eat brekky, after brekky thier clothes are in the loungeroom waiting so I make the beds whilst they get dressed and watch ABC kids.... then throughout the day I will just say if they are playing that I am going to vac the other end of the house, I will do that, wipe over the bathrooms if I have time (other wise as a PP said I do it when they are in the bath) whilst they are eating lunch I will vac the loungeroom, I try and do dishes as I go through the day.... 3 pm is MY coffee time (playschool is on!!! LOL) and 4.30pm another ep of playschool so I will prep dinner and wash everything up so after dinner its just dinner dishes to do...

I brought a steam mop so that it dries almost instantly and can quickly run a mop over whilst thekids are playing or are outside on the patio (i can see them if they play there) Dependant on what time dinner is ... if DH is home I put dinner on, bathe the kids, by the time they are finished and dressed dinners ready at 6pm and we eat then DH plays with them and I wash up.... then there are usually only toys out when they go to bed, but I am lazy and leave them!!
I fold the washing either in the evening watching TV or during the day as DD1 loves folding washing - and does a prettygood job! - so we quickly do it together and she helps put it away...

Once DD's and DH go to bed, I sit on the couch and thats it, I couldn't move if I tried!!!
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