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Dishwashers Lock Rss

My dishwasher is beyond repair and need another one. I asked the repairman should I get a more expensive one and he said I was better off getting a cheap one as long as it has a 2yr warraty (sp)

Just wondering what other people have, price bracket and if they are any good. thanks
I have a "my2hands" brand, it was free and comes with a lifetime guarantee
I am renting, but the one in this house is a Fisher Paykel Dishdrawer, it is only a single drawer though... wish it was double as i pretty much only wash the plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs & glasses in the single. I really quite like it and if we bought a house I would most likely go for the same, but double of course. Not sure on price, I think they are a bit pricey though...


sorry double

I have a "my2hands" brand, it was free and comes with a lifetime guarantee

I have been using that brand for months now and over it lol. This is the 2nd dishwasher I have ever had, and with the dishwasher, its easier for me to get the kids to help. So I want my dishwasher back soon lol

sorry double

No, it was a triple lol
we have an LG and have never had any problems with it. i think we have had it almost 5 years now - we got it as an engagement present. the only problem we ever had is i forgot to rinse some rice off the plates one day and it blocked up the pipe, but that was my fault. after the pipe was cleared out it was fine.

i couldn't stand not to have a dishwasher!

I have a "my2hands" brand, it was free and comes with a lifetime guarantee

Same here. And if mine breaks down for a day, there is another one we have, DHs2hands, that takes over.
We have a dishlex. Best one we have ever had. It is so quiet, it's the first one we've had that I can set going and go to bed. I love it!

I have a bosh and after speaking to the repair guy the other day. He said there was only 2 areas that he ever has to repair on these one after you know how you never need to call again and the other are water vaules which last for over 10 years before replacing. I think bosh have a 5 year warranty on their. I have had it for over 7 years and have only ever had one problem which was the one where they show you have to fix.
We now have a Westinghouse (made by Electrolux), and it is great. It has this really funky inner light when you open the door so you can see inside, in case a knife has fallen down inside etc.

When we bought it, they guy told us that it is the only brand of dishwasher that is made locally (this may be a load of $hit, but it did help us decide on this one).

The one we had before (which was with the house when we bought it) was a Dishlex and that was $hit on a stick. Absolute rubbish.

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