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Washing dishes question Lock Rss

I ran out of dishwashing liquid last night. Forgot i had to buy some. I can not get to the shops till late tonight. And i hate seeing the dishes sitting there.
So can i only use dishwashing liquid or is there a alternative?
I know it might sound dumb but i thought i would ask anyway.
Hmm.. Interesting question. Never thought of that.
If it were me i would just wash up with extremely hot water. Even let it soak in it for a minute or 2.
maybe floor cleaner? or spray & wipe just pour it in? just as long as it isnt bleach or has amonia in it coz those arent something ud risk leaving on the dishes. But all that stuff pretty much has the same stuff in it so u should be ok i know my dad once put floor cleaner in my mums dish washer :/ it did the job i suppose....
I'd just use some clothes washing powder.
I'd either rinsh them off and leave them there or like lovekaleb&koby said wash in really hot water. I don't think I could use anthing that was ment for other things.

Have you got bi-carb and vinegar in your pantry? You can use them to wash your dishes...

I have used a couple of pumps of hand soap in a sink of hot water to wash my dishes (when I ran out of dishwashing liquid) I'm still alive...

Thanks everyone for the replys.
And yes i do have bi carb and vinegar. Thanks Dee!
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