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Anyone done DIY carpet cleaning? Lock Rss

If you are planing to rent a machine then i would suggest to buy a decent one.The hoover offers some economic carpet cleaners which is also suitable for pets.For a good review of latest cleaners visit
I guess you can always try to clean your carpeting with a steam cleaner hired from the local supermarket. As to me, I prefer to hire professionals to do this for me. What I do is to look for the best deal currently and book it. They sometimes clean all of the carpets in your house for as much as $80 or something, which is a pretty decent price...

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PerfectPair wrote:
My carpets are in desperate need of cleaning. Instead of paying hundreds for someone to do it I was thinking of hiring one of those machines from Woolies or Bunnings and doing it myself.
Has anyone hired one of these before and do they clean well? Is it worth the effort or would you just pay someone to do it? TIA smile

I think buying a nice and efficient carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner is much better than hire a service for that work..
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