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hey all,
I was turning my babies mattress today, as I normally do periodically ( usually once a week- once a fortnight) but today noticed mould had started to grow underneath on the fabric of the bassinet base -in the safety strap thingo. Anyways just wondering what I can do to clean this off safely for baby and without ruining the fabric? This is a borrowed bassinet so obviously would like to return it nice and clean smile

bumping smile

White vinegar is great for getting rid of mould. I would wipe it with vinegar and then maybe spray with glen 20. Don't know if glen 20 is proven or not but I do know that the white vinegar works great.

Good luck removing the mould. Let us know how you go.

Little Miss's wrote:
oil of clove also works to kill mould. You only need a small amount diluted in water.
+1 although the problem I find with this is the smell is sooooo overpowering, I can't stand to be anywhere near it for days. I find it really hard to get off again. people use this in combination with white vinegar. a lot of mould killers kill the tops of it but not the roots as such so it comes back pretty easy. vinegar kills the lot.
i use clove oil. but like the others said, it can have quite an overpowering smell. so i just use 4 drops in a litre of water and air it outside to dry and get rid of smell.

thanks everyone for replies smile I usually ALWAYS have white vinegar in the house but just happened to run out! off to shops for more I guess! I was thinking oil of cloves but ive never used it before so good tip about the smell! not sure if I want a strong smell like that near bubs while sleeping!
And its an attached one that doesn't come off, so ill just wipe over with vinegar and see how I go smile

Wash it off and have it exposed to sun. vinegar can help too.. the cause of mould is too humid place so make sure your area is not humid or regulated at least. Even if you wash it off if the root cause is still there then its useless.
I agree about the vinegar. It can help you get rid of the mould for the moment. But the fact that there's mould inside the room means that the humidity in the house is too high, and the mould will keep growing in places, no matter how much you wash. You should look for ways to decrease the humidity in order to solve the problem. It could be caused by many things - climate, insulation of the house, air conditioning problems and many other.

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