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best stain remover for washing? Lock Rss

I have two young kids and as you can imagine they end uo dirty more than not. We usually just get the no name brand washing powder/stain remover but its not doing the trick.

What do you use?

My little girl's cloths is the worst as hers are light colours.
I always use Napisan, I've tried other soakers but they just don't seem to work as well imo. Also I'm a big fan of sard wonder soap for stubborn stains. Also hanging the clothes in the direct sun can also work well for super stubborn stains.

Welcome to huggies too btw smile

Agree with both above responses! The sun will eradicate any red stain you can throw at it. Sometimes if it's a really tough stain a little lemon juice on it and in direct sunlight is like magic.
Also napisan is great too, I have found that if I soak for 24-48 hours, not just overnight, it always gets stains out of clothes, especially lighter colored clothes smile
Thank you

I am going shopping tomorrow so I will pick up a few things.

I try to dry the clothes on the line outside as much as I can to avoid using the dryer. Never heard that the sun could help remove stains. I am learning things on huggies smile
I have a range of stain removers. I usually use Preen/Vanish or Saad spray for general light things that may stain but use Saad wonder soap or stick for really stubborn stains. For soaking or a gererally grubby load of washing I use Napisan/Vanish or Saad soaker isn't bad either.

I find that there are some stains that may not come out with one brand yet the other brand gets them out. Just depends on the stain.

What these ladies have said about tomato based stains is true. Even if my kids clothes are covered in spag. bol. sauce I don't even bother spraying it. I just chuck it in the washing machine as is and hang it in the sun! That afternoon, ta da!!! All gone!

I have a friend who is working for a professional home cleaning company- and he strongly recommends me a product called Ecover. It's not very cheap, but from my experience I can say it is worth the money. Although I've used it only two times the nasty stains were removed completely. And sometimes I refer to products available in most households. For example, cornflour could be the best solution when it comes to fat and oil-based stains. It is more powerful for stains on silk and wool items.
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