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Yeah you're pretty correct DIY method is the best choice. However, if you look properly you may find many family owned business that provide such services. I can remember I'd met a person when I use to live in Denver, CO. He and his spouse use to run their commercial carpet cleaning Denver company and gets hired very often as they use to provide all eco friendly carpet cleaning services.
So I believe, that getting services from any family owned business is even kind of DIY and most importantly they are very affordable then the professional carpet cleaning companies who charge thousand of dollars for the same tasks.
Since I have two kids (age 5 and 3), it's really hard for me to clean properly the entire house. There's always some chocolate or crayon stain hiding somewhere. The curtains are no exception. After all that cooking and staining from the kids, the curtains were just one of the things that needed immediate cleaning. Mu husband recommended to have a thorough cleaning of all of the upholstery in the house, so we can have them fresh again. We wanted a eco-friendly and safe detergent treatment because of the kids, and we found Greener Carpet Cleaners. Really prompt and professional service.
I use a pressurized steam cleaner to clean my curtains. It's handheld and 100% chemical free which is ideal because i have two small children around and i don't want them inhaling anything harmful. I use mine once every 5 to 6 months and my curtains look brand new. I would highly recommend getting one
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